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Dawgman Predictions - USC

It's that time again - time for the Dawgman prognosticators to put their perfect records on the line. The No. 4 Washington Huskies come home to host the No. 20 USC Trojans after two weeks on the road. What does the Dawgman gang think about this game? Are they in sync one more time, or is someone going to eventually pick against the Dawgs?

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (9-0)

USC at home and this exuberant train keeps rolling on. I like how USC runs the ball well. Their young QB looks pretty good at times. That said, we just need to play defense without the personal fouls. I think we can score against most teams. Might take us a while to get going, but we eventually explode.

Prediction: Washington 42-27


Johnb - Long time Husky fan (9-0)

I think this game will be Washington’s toughest test yet. After a rocky 1-3 start the Trojans have won five games in a row and have become one of the better teams in the conference.  Washington’s defense and the home field advantage of Husky Stadium will be the deciding factors in this one. Expect a nail biter with the Dawgs pulling away in the second half for win number 10.

Prediction: Washington 35-21


Luke Mounger - Intern Extraordinaire (9-0)

Washington's biggest test to date comes this weekend. USC has off the chart talent. Fortunately, so do the Huskies. John Ross vs. Adoree' Jackson, Juju Smith-Schuster vs. Sidney Jones and Kevin King, Washington's big defensive line vs USC's massive offensive line...there are so many fun match ups to keep an eye on this week. I think this will be a physical, tough, ugly football game. Somehow the sum of all that is beautiful: a four-quarter fight that leaves every UW fan in that stadium happy ends with a long, methodical 70-yard touchdown drive that's capped off with Myles Gaskin wiggling his way into the end zone.

Prediction: Washington 31-24


Jay Torrell - Sports Washington/Scout.com (9-0)

USC is 1-3 on the road. Their 5-0 run includes only one road victory at a cratering Arizona team. I do believe that USC has insane talent but they still have a rookie coach and a rookie QB and this will be their first game since Sam Darnold took over that they’ll be playing with something to lose. This is the kind of game that Coach Petersen lives for and I think that he, the Dawgs and the crowd will be more than the surging Trojans can handle. After the Dawgs win this game and pass Michigan in SOS, the conversation will start to turn from “is UW #4” to “is UW #3?”

Prediction: Washington 37-23


Chris Fetters - Editor (9-0)

Again, this game will be similar to Cal. USC will move the ball on Washington. They are too talented and their backs are just too good. But the Trojans just aren't very good in the red zone, 95th in the country - to be exact. Washington's red zone offense is 10th. So the key will be turning field goals to touchdowns, and on that score the Huskies have a significant statistical advantage. USC's current five-game winning streak has come against the No. 9 (ASU), No. 2 (Colorado), No. 10 (Arizona), No. 12 (California), and No. 11 (Oregon) defensive teams in the Pac-12. And against Colorado, they only scored 21 points. USC won't score more than 21 against Washington. And finally, Sam Darnold has been really, really good as a starter. But he hasn't seen anything like what he'll be faced with Saturday. If UW can get in his grill at all, the Husky Stadium crowd will take care of the rest. 

Prediction: Washington 31-13 


Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (9-0)

I'm torn. I truly believe Washington is the better team. They are more disciplined and their defense is much better than USC's, but with the Trojans, they have a ton of talent and Sam Darnold is playing well for them. The Huskies need to get pressure on Darnold and I could see some them blitzing more, especially early on. If they can get to him, maybe they come up with a turnover and get an easy score. Offensively, the Huskies should be able to run the ball and if they can keep the Trojans off of Jake Browning he should be able to have a big night through the air. I see a close game with the Huskies hanging on for dear life at the end.

Prediction: Washington 31-27


Kim Grinolds - CEO (9-0)

Nothing like an electric atmosphere in Husky Stadium. Expect a rowdy crowd along with some wind and rain. If the weather doesn't suck, USC will think it sucks. USC still has a ton of talent. They also have a lot of " me " guys. That could be a problem. Without a doubt, Sam Darnold is a big-time talent. He'll make some plays. He'll also make some mistakes. Those mistakes will be huge. USC will try to limit John Ross and Dante Pettis. That will open it up for Chico McClatcher and the TE's. It will be close for a while but assignment defense, discipline, coaching, and turnover margin win out.

Prediction: Washington 38-20

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