Post Game Video - Pete Kwiatkowski

Here's what Pete Kwiatkowski had to say following Washington's 26-13 loss to USC...

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On Sam Darnold “He’s a good player. You see how he can buy time with his legs and does a good job keeping his eyes down field. He really hurt us doing that on third down. We couldn’t get up the field in the first half like we wanted.”

Was it tempting to try to blitz more as the game wore on? “Yeah, the second half for sure. We started bringing a little bit more extra guys and we’re having some betters success against them, so definitely wasn’t one of our better games. Credit to those guys. That kid did a good job. Receivers made some plays.”

On Azeem Victor’s injury and reactions to it “I thought the guys - that’s part of the deal. Next guy up, carry the flag. I hate when anybody gets hurt and for that to happen to him, D.J. (Beavers) came in and did a pretty good job it looked like. Yeah, definitely that’s going to take a hit and we have to fugue it out.”

How does the team respond to this kind injury? “We have a bunch of tough guys. I fully expect them to bounce back. We have to go out and have a great week of practice this week. It hurts and it should hurt. Tomorrow the sun will come up and we’re going to make the corrections we need to make and get ready for Arizona State.”

Were you surprised at their success on third down? “Yeah. I thought we would have done - yeah, I just pictured us doing a better job than we did. Without seeing it I know there were some good throws and receivers made catches. I know definitely in the first half we were not getting enough pressure, playing a little bit tentative. It wasn’t like what we’re used to. Second half did a lot better at that.”

On pass rush“We had our opportunities to sack the guy. We missed one in the first half unblocked. We’re just saying we have to execute better,which means tackle guys wen we have the opportunity to and we can do some some stuff that coaches to generate a little more pressure or line games.”

Did Azeem Victor’s injury took an emotional hit on the team? “No. I wasn’t down there but I don’t think so. It’s a bummer when one of your brother gets hurt like that. Usually it’s the other way around though. The guys rally and ‘I’m going to pick it up for the guy. I don’t think that was the case.”

Any explanation for hesitating to blitz? “Sam Darnold is a good quarterback who can run around. They were just worried about him scrambling and when that happens - we weren’t cutting it loose like we want to. That’s really it.”

Have you faced a team that talented? “You know, probably. Utah is pretty good. Quarterbacks, they’re athletic and we face plenty of those guys. But he’s got both. he’s athletic and he’s accurate. That always makes it challenging. The o-line is big and athletic just like Utah’s was. I thought we did a pretty good job against the run for the most part. It was just third down, getting off on third down and we were not as effective as we have been a season.”

On the rollercoaster ride of trying to go undefeated “It’s hard. It’s real hard. We’ve been able to do it twice. It’s so week in and week out. This is a tough league. We obviously didn’t have our a-game tonight and we got beat. It wasn’t because we didn’t prepare or we didn’t practice hard and all that. Give USC credit. They got it done tonight.”

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