VIDEO: Jimmy Lake Media Briefing

Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake spoke Tuesday to the media ahead of the No. 7 Huskies' last home game of the season against Arizona State.

On Byron Murphy and Kentrell Love “They’re putting on weight, which is awesome. People always think redshirting is a bad thing. Redshirting is like the best thing ever. You get to get these guys bigger, faster, and stronger. Kentrell (Love), he’s put on 14 pounds already. Byron (Murphy) has already put on 10 pounds. In training camp some of the fans saw the plays that those guys were able to make. now they’re sitting back; they’re learning from two of the best corners that are in our conference right now. They’re going to come back stronger, faster, and bigger into 2017. I’m excited about both of those guys.”

Are the corners looking forward to playing two teams that throw the ball well? “Arizona State, they’re a dangerous team. They have really good talent outside. Quarterback has done a really good job. He’s throwing for 250 yards per game. We have another challenge. That’s the PAC-12. Every single week you have a challenge.”

On the development of his Kevin King “It’s been awesome to watch him. He’s played so many different positions for us over the last three years. For him to really grow now at corner and really settle in and be able to make some plays and really hold down that side for us, it’s been awesome to watch him grow. Such a smart football player. It’s fun having a big time athlete like that and also a big time go.”

Can we expect to see more corner blitzes? “We’ve done that every single year we’ve been here. It depends on which sets we get obviously, but the whole year long we’ve done that and the last two years. We’ll see if it’s in the game plan this week. You never know.”

What are you doing on recruiting to get all these players? “It’s a group effort. We have an unbelievable staff starting with Aaron Knots, Justin Glenn, Aaron Burkes, it goes on and on, Tally Swanson. Our whole staff does a really good job of really connecting with all the players at every single position. We just want guys that think this is a great place to go, get a degree, play big time football, and be around a good coaching staff and good guys in the locker room. Our players also do a really good job of helping recruit these guys. They’re just themselves and hopefully its a place that people want to be.”

Are you happy with how things are going with recruiting? “Well, I’ll say after Wednesday, the first Wednesday of February after everybody signed then I’ll be very happy. it’s really early in the process. We can talk more after that Wednesday after everybody signs and the ink is dry. Then I’ll be extremely happy.” Top Stories