Smith Says Balance Is The Key

Husky offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith says Washington became one dimensional in their game vs. USC and that they are a much better team when they are balanced...

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On struggles up front against USC “Be able to push and get some movement and he creates some holes for the guys. When we can stay in balance we’re a whole lot better. When we get one dimensional, pass rush makes it difficult. We have to be able to stay balanced.”

What were the breakdowns against USC? “ A couple things. Physical match ups at times. The pocket got squeezed. I think we could have thrown the ball on time a little bit better too. I think it’s a group effort in the pass game. We have to improve that. We got one dimensional and that’s not where we want to be.”

On Arizona State’s gambling nature on defense “Yeah they do. They create some havoc back there. Obviously in the run game, tackles for loss, their numbers are way up. Sacking the quarterback goes into rushing stats. We have to be good there. They create a lot of one on one match ups and we have to win those.”

On ASU disguising their pressure “They’re definitely unique and they’re definitely different so it’s something to be prepared for. I think it goes back to us and playing our style of football we want to play and being able to be balanced. If we can get that done we feel good.”

When ASU gambles is there more opportunities for big plays? “It’s happened. They’re creating some one on ones. We have to win those whether it’s inside in protection or outside running routes. That’s the scheme they play.”

What did USC do to slow down UW’s wide receivers? “They did some different things. They changed it up, played some coverage, and sometimes they’d create some pressure. They mixed their coverage. Against a good defense like that you’re only going to have half a dozen opportunities to make some plays; we didn’t make them and it could have changed the game.”

How did the offense benefit from having Jeff Tedford? “It was nice. He was oversee-er. He got some good insight. It’s more too. Just personality and the ups and downs of practice to games and things. It was great having him.”

On Jake Eldrenkamp and Shane Brostek “Those two guys have been huge. This is a great senior class. They’ve been through a lot. Give a lot of those credit. Jeff Lindquist has been through so much. Those guys are staples of what we’ve been able to accomplish this year. We have to send them out on the right now.”

How rare is a guy like Jeff Lindquist? “It’s been great. He’s a class act. He really is. He’s contributed in so many ways. A great guy to have on the team and contributed and, like I said, he’s first class.”

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