Van Winkle Talks Husky Career

Husky senior kicker Cameron Van Winkle talks about his career at Washington and also about being there when his friend and teammate, Psalm Wooching, needed him for a specific favor...

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On senior week “It really does. It’s kind of crazy it’s senior week already. Time has really flown.”

What do you expect coming out of the tunnel for the last time? “To be honest these past couple home games I’ve been really just thinking about it. When I first got here I was one of the first guys to actually open up this brand new stadium. I’m like you could say the first generation at this brand new stadium. It’s kind of weird that this is my last time here. Last game was our last time actually running out purple reign with all that stuff. That’s kind of weird, thinking after the game, that that was my last time right there.”

Does it feel rewarding to see how the program has grown? “It really does. (Chris) Petersen has done just a phenomenal job here developing all us guys. This is kind of living the dream right now.”

On ASU’s special teams “Special teams. Zane (Gonzalez), phenomenal kicker. I’ve kicked with him over in Wisconsin with Kohl’s Kicking Camp. I’ve been with him for a couple years. Zane really each game he just progresses. He’s probably one of the best kickers out there right now.”

What’s the mood the team after some adversity? “Next day. It’s all about the next day. We have to play up to our standard the next day. Keep improving. Don’t look way to far in advance. Next day by day.”

On the young kickers “Van Soderburg, he’s improved tremendously his whole time here from when he first got here in the spring to now. His kickoffs have improved. Most kickoffs are going to the goal line, a couple yards deep. We have Tristan (Vizcaino) that’s just the same level as me. He’ll do amazing next year. Husky Nation will be in good hands.

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