Thybulle promises toughness, more heart spoke Wednesday with Washington forward Matisse Thybulle, who remarked after the Yale loss about a lack of toughness and heart. Wednesday he reiterated the team is ready to respond in a positive way as they get ready to host Cal State Fullerton Thursday.

How’s the response been? “I think the guys, we all came together and got after it yesterday in practice. We’re ready to just get back out there and show people what we’re really about and just show people that what they saw last game wasn’t us.”

On playing consistent defense “I think I talked about it after the game a little bit just in terms of effort. It seems like when we get deep into a shot clock we think our job is over and that we’ve got them beat but really that’s when we have to turn it up one more notch and finish it out and get the rebound.”

Is your confidence something you’ve worked on? “Just getting shots up. Just in the gym as much as I can with rebounders, our managers, our coaches just trying to see what works for me because I think I’ve figured what I do well and what I don’t do well and I’m trying to work on the things I might nit do so well and get those up to the standard of everything else. I think that confidence wise that’s helped my jump shot a lot.”

Is there a mentality that defensive players have to have? “I guess. I see it a little bit in Malik (Dime) too. I would say we embrace the gritty part of the game. Not too much glory comes from playing defense. Unless you’re getting steals or blocks a lot of things go unnoticed. That’s when you have to take the pride within yourself to know you’re doing your part for your team to make this one unit work together and get the job done.”

How do you get a team to take pride in defense? “I think last game was enough for most of us. That one hurt so we’re all pretty hungry. We have a lot to prove in this next game.”

Why do you think you weren’t yourselves against Yale? “There was a lack of toughness, lack of heart, and lack of effort on the defensive end. We’ve seen in the pass that that’s not Husky basketball. Coach Romar has proven that Husky basketball starts on the defensive end with forcing turnovers and leads into fast break offense. We didn’t show any of that last game.”

On finding the right man boxing out “That’s just - all that can go back to effort. We talked about it a lot in practice, just the willingness to be locked in and go 100% on defense and that means just paying attention to the little things and not falling asleep and losing your man.”

Do you ask to guard best players? “I think in most cases I’ll end up on that kind of guy. There have been games where someone will start hurting us a lot on the offensive end. I’ll tell coach ‘let me have a crack at him.’ That’s not something that I just do. It happened a lot last year and I think it will start happening this year; we take a lot of pride in not letting one person pick apart our team. If that means this guy’s not getting it done, let me get a crack at it. Someone’s going to step up and say something. That’s something I think that is going to be more evident as the season goes on and we start to play defense as we’re supposed to.” Top Stories