Post Game Video - Chris Petersen

Here's what Washington head coach Chris Petersen had to say following his team's game with Arizona State...

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Opening “Well, proud of these guys. Hay ew could send our seniors out with a win. I think that’s always extremely important. These guys have played so well all season as a group, so for us to be able to do that. Arizona State is kind of a curve ball team in terms of they can make some things hard on you. They certainly did in the first half, kind of taking us out of our rhythm. I thought our defense played exceptionally well most of the game. Certainly in the first half. I think that’s kind of how they are. They hit you, they know you back. You have to be able to strike and hit some big plays, which we hit a few. There you go. Onto the next one.”

Is there anything they did defensively to get you out of sync? “Not really. They’re just hard. You know they’re going to come with a bunch of pressure. They just have so many different blitz patterns that it’s hard to know which one’s they’re going to come with. We were really poor on third down early on. I think we were one for six. We were getting nothing going there to get any sort of rhythm. Then we got a little bit better later on after that. Still overall on third down we weren’t good. A lot of times those were third and long. I think that was an issue for us.:

On ASU not pressuring as much as expected and how that influenced the game “They do a good job of keeping you off balance. You’re expecting all this pressure and sometimes you even have plays that are designed for pressure and it’s not and away you go. They were doing a good job of heating it up. They played softer in their coverage with bringing pressure. Everybody kind of has a unique style to try to figure out how to slow John Ross and those guys down a little bit.”

On the interception by Kevin King “It was huge. It thought our defense, especially that first half - our offense wasn’t doing much and kind of putting our defense in bad situations. That was kind of the saving grace. We kind of felt good how those guys were playing. They’re playing at a high level. We’re just trying to figure out if we could get something going and hopefully for a big strike and get some breathing room. It took us a minute to get going but it is what it is. That’s that style of team. I was concerned going in. They have good skill and they can hurt you on defense with their blitzes and they can strike quickly on offense.”

What was different about the pass rush? “Brought maybe a little more pressure. I think the guys did a great job of pushing the pocket and condensing it. A combination of those two things probably allowed us to get more pressure than we’ve had in the past.”

On the Apple Cup “I think it’s a big game. Everybody knows it’s a big game regardless of what the records are. Now we have two pretty good teams with good records and a lot to play for. I know everybody plays really hard in that game anyways. Yeah. Now it’s kind of like how everybody hoped it would be.”

How good is it for a conference to have meaningful football being played in the last week? “I think that’s how the conference would like it. I would like it if it was done long before that we felt like it was over, but Washington State’s done a great job. They just continue to get better every week and playing at a high level and with a really good quarterback and they’ve just improved across the board form last year to even through this season. We’ll have our hands full for sure. It will be a heck of a game.”

Do you mostly see WSU on tape from playing other opponents or do you keep an eye on them? “No. We don’t watch those guys on offense because they’re so not like us at all. We really don’t watch them. On defense depending who we play our defensive guys will watch that. That’s more of a similar style. Their offense is so different than our offense that we don’t watch a lot of them offense to offense.”

Was there anything about going up-tempo that catalyzed the offense? “They like to see what you’re in and they’ll get some blitzes going depending on your formations or what they think is happening. Second half we kind of went out and went some more tempo and that kind of helped us. We got down the field. I think we ended up kicking field goals still but we did get down there and I do think that helps us. I think (Jake Browning) is pretty good when we have some tempo. We practice it all the time so we have it; we just haven’t been a big tempo team but I think it helped.”

On putting up screens to block signals “Well, you don’t really know. I know they’re hard to see. I know that. So if you signal all the time and pay attention you might be able to get something.”

How much more vocal is Jake Browning than he was last year? “I think the good think about Jake is he seems the same about those types of things. His demeanor is the same. He was pretty vocal last year. Semi-vocal. He’s not a yeller and screamer and a rah-rah guy. He just says what needs to be said and that’s kind of how he goes about his business this year as well.”

Did you say anything to Jake Browning after the slow start? “Jake doesn’t need me to say anything. He kind of knows how it is. Sometimes I can’t control myself so I still say it anyways.”

Did you say something? “I don’t know. I usually talk to him all the time. He probably just tunes me out.”

Any long term concern with the injury to Jojo McIntosh? “I don’t think so. We think he’s going to be ready we hope.”

On Andrew Kirkland starting over Shane Brostek? “No. I think coach Strausser just wanted to mix it up and give some other guys a chance as well.”

On Ezekiel Turner “Yeah. Zeke (Ezekiel Turner) is a physical player. That he is. He is a physical, run player for sure. I think D.J. Beavers did a nice job as well in there. I thought both those guys stepped up and that’s how it should be this late in the season. If we’re doing things right, which I think our coaches are in terms of they get a lot of practice reps, a lot, and they’re good quality reps. They’ve all played in games, meaningful reps. You get deep into the season there have to be guys that have to be able to pick up the flag and carry it and produce and play at a high level and I think both those guys did.”

How important is momentum finishing the season? “I think it’s huge. You kind of think about that because these guys have played such good football for most, the entire season. It would be hard if you’re not finishing on an up swing. But I will say this. All the good football is played in November. And really kind of just how it’s gone down we’ve played some really good teams. We’re going to play a really good team on Friday and a bowl game and all those things. It’s good football. They’ve worked so hard but you have to play your best this time of year. That’s what you hope as a coach, is that you’re on an upswing.”

Was Keishawn Bierria’s kick return touchdown instincts or something you practice? “Well it was instincts, but I will tell you this. We work on it every single week. We give those guys on hands team a bunch of work. We’ll throw balls at them, we roll balls, and they’re probably like “we’re sick of this.’ We haven’t had any onside kicks I don’t think all season or way back when. Now it’s when it matters. It was awesome to see him capitalize.”

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