Post Game Video - Kaleb McGary

Here's what Husky OL Kaleb McGary had to say following Washington's 44-18 win over Arizona State...

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On the win “That was incredible. It was wonderful, especially after last year and how we didn’t finish the way we wanted to go out and really play the way we should have played. It was wonderful.”

On the passing game working better than the running game “It took us a minute to get stuff figured out and get going, but when we did I think we got stuff dialed up pretty well.”

What was working today? “Just being aware of the defense and the scheme. Who’s probably going to go where based on which backer is where. Just pay attention to alignment and taking my steps. Good footwork and trying to work with the other guys on the line.”

On the importance of senior day “Pure elation. They’re ecstatic. They’re finally getting the chance to go someplace they’ve been trying to get to their entire college career and finally now they have a group of guys around them that want to and are going to do their very best. I hope it means as much to them as we want it to.”

On WSU “It’s a quick turnaround. Come in tomorrow, watch some film, then right back to work.”

Are you ready to head to the Palouse? “I’m a hillbilly. Cold doesn’t bother me. I’ve been through more than one snow storm.”

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