Post Game Video - Chico McClatcher

Here's what Husky WR Chico McClatcher had to say following Washington's 44-18 win over Arizona State...

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Has Jake Browning become a more vocal leader? “Yeah definitely. It all started in spring. He was being very vocal for us as wide receivers. He’s very commanding over the offense. He’s our leader on the offense. We’re going to do what he says. We’re just going to take every game one at a time and he’s going to help us move on.”

On Jake Browning not being afraid to give players a hard time “Definitely. If you run a wrong route he’ll get on you. If you aren’t getting your depth on a route he’ll get on you. That’s what we need as wide receivers.”

What does an angry Jake Browning look like? “He’s not actually going to yell at us. He’s just going to say ‘get the right depth on the route. You have to catch that ball.’ He very encouragingly gets on us. It’s not angry stuff.”

How much of the offenses progression is a result of Jake Browning’s growth as a leader? “It’s at a high level right now. We’re playing at a good, high level. We’re running the ball good. We pass the ball good. Really just take it one play at time and get the most yards we can out of each play.”

On his touchdown “Just needed open space and the linemen did a good job blocking down the field. I just used my speed and scored.”

How healthy are you now? “I’m good right now. Can’t give you a percentage, but I’m good. I’m feeling confident making cuts and everything. I’m feeling pretty good.”

On the importance of the Apple Cup “WSU is a good football team. They’re playing at a high level right now and we’re playing at a high level too. It’s going to be a fun Apple Cup to watch.”

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