Post Game Video - Pete Kwiatkowski

Here's what Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski had to say following Washington's 44-18 win over Arizona State...

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On increased pass rush tonight “It’s just stuff we’ve been doing. We got two from a four-man rush, got it with a blitz. It’s stuff that we’ve done here and there. Guys just competing. Showed up, had a good week of practice, then came out here and executed pretty well. Fourth quarter was a little sloppy but overall it was pretty good.”

On Kevin King’s interception “That was a big time play. To go up with one hand and be able to pull it down and get a foot in, unbelievable.”

How does that interception rank among big plays you’ve seen? “Any time it’s behind him an went back with his right arm and went up over his right shoulder as he was running to his left and was able to one hand it and pull it in and get a foot down. Awesome.”

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