Lake Says WSU's Offense Is Potent

Washington defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake says that Washington State's offense is potent and his secondary will have their hands full this weekend...

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Is it difficult to prepare on a short week? “It really is, but this is what we do. This is what we do for a living. I love football. I have a passion for football, obviously a passion for this game, the Apple Cup. I couldn’t wait. We finished off the Arizona State game. We had some time that night. I was already watching WSU that night. Then woke up early in the morning, about five in the morning, and started watching again. I love football. I love my job. This is part of the deal.”

The challenge presented by WSU’s receivers? “This system, they have a big time quarterback. They have great wide receivers leading with (Gabe) Marks. This system comes from Texas Tech. Texas Tech is currently number one in the country in pass offense, and guess who’s number two? WSU. There’s no mistake in that this is an excellent offense. It’s very, very challenging. They put a lot of pressure on people. It will be a challenge for us on Friday.”

How do you account for the running backs in WSU’s offense? “No question. They have two running backs that have 40-plus catches. We have to deal with them in the pass game, but also new this year, and I think it’s been well covered, they hand the ball off a lot more than they did last year. They’re more balanced than they’ve been in prior years, which makes them more difficult to defend.”

On the depth of the secondary and guys that will need to step up this week “Guys have got a number of reps in our non-conference games and into some of our games that we were up by a lot of points. I’m real happy with our depth. We have a number of guys that are game ready and they’ll get their opportunity this Friday.”

Did Darren Gardenhire surprise you? "Yeah. No question. It was obviously just a difference of philosophy. Definitely surprised and still stunned and I love him. I’ll always love him. I recruited him. Spent a lot of time with him. I wish him the best.”

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