Kwiatkowski Talks Defending WSU's Offense

Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski talks about what it's like to defend against Washington State's offense and what is making them more dangerous this season...

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How is the Cougar offense unique? “They just do what they do. They throw the ball really well. Their quarterback gets them the right plays. They run the ball really well this year, a lot better than in the past. It’s a difficult offense to defend.”

Will you have to mix coverages against Luke Falk to make him uncomfortable? “I mean every week it’s that way. The quarterback is really good; he’s smart. He’s been in this offense for a long time. He’s very accurate. We have to do a good job of whatever the call dictates we have to do our job. We have to play extremely hard and play with a passion and go out there and compete.”

On the threat of their running backs out of the backfield “Yeah. Any time you run wheel routes they need to be accounted for because they could be big plays. A lot of the offenses in this conference do that, so we’ve seen a lot of those looks. We’ll go out and execute and hopefully we’ll cover them.”

Has their offense changed much since you’ve faced them in years past? “Little tweaks here and their, but they do what they do. Same route concepts. Same run game. From game to game there might be a change here or there, and when I say that maybe a little different way they block an inside zone or the different formations they get to their pass concepts. That’s the beauty and simplicity; the beauty of what they do is the simplicity. There’s a lot of stuff they throw at you route concept wise, but to them it’s what they do so they execute it and they execute all the different looks they’re going to see and they do a really god job at it.”

Is it a different challenge knowing that Luke Falk is going to play? “Every year is a challenge. It’s a new team. He’s a really good quarterback. Last year was last year and this year is this year and next year is going to be a different challenge. Definitely. You just have to go out there and compete.”

How are the players holding up physically and mentally? “Awesome. Bounced back last week. Had good practices and energy is good. It’s football. Everybody has their bumps and bruises. The guys that are out are out. Everybody else is ready to roll.”

How much different is Luke Falk than when you faced him in 2014? “Yeah. He’s older, more experienced. He’s just operating at a higher level. Better efficiency. He’s a lot better than two years ago.”

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