Post Game Video - Chris Petersen

Here's what Chris Petersen had to say following Washington's big win over Washington State...

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Opening “Proud of our guys. I think that’s a really good Washington State team and I was very proud of how they prepared. Energy was awesome to start the game. We knew Washington State would kind of rally a little bit. They did, but our defense kind of swelled up and our offense answered there in that third quarter, end of the third quarter when we had the ball four plays. i think the first half went as well as it could for us and then they came out and just controlled the ball the whole time. They got a three and out and had it the whole time. The defense answered when we needed to and away we went.”

How big was the fast start? “I think big, especially when we got a turnover early. Washington State is going to score their points. They’re going to get their yards for sure. Just kind of the way the game started. It never kind of - our offense just kind of kept going. We had the one three and out in the third quarter which was unfortunate because they held the ball so long, but it also ate a lot of clock for them. Then our defense held, so that was - it all worked out.”

On the goal line stands “It was awesome, really because Washington State has been - they’ve been kind of sneaky good in the past about running the ball, especially down there. This year it wasn’t even sneaky good. They just run the ball. Kept seeing Greg Gaines flash. All those big guys inside. They were playing physical. You could hear it from the sideline. It was awesome. I thought they’d probably run it down there, which they should. The guys answered.”

Does it benefit to win big rather than close? “I don’t know about all that stuff. I really don’t. I hear that they don’t really care about how teams win, which I really hope that’s true. I don’t think that that’s what this whole thing is all about, trying to score as many points on somebody. I think it’s about trying to win the games. I don’t really know.”

Do you want to see USC again? “It doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad the Dawgs are there. Whoever shows up we’ll prepare and hopefully play our best game of the year.”

On Keishawn Bierria’s injury “I don’t know. I don’t think so. I never got - I didn’t know he didn’t play that much until you just said that.”

Could you tell on the sideline how big the goal line stops were? “I don’t know. I know they’re big moment swings for sure. They’re hard to stop. Thats a hard run offense to stop when they only need a yard of two yards. They take those splits. They have some big guys up there. It was awesome to see our - that’s when you really wanted to see that d-line kind take over. It’s a hard team for a d-line to take over in terms of their pass protection techniques, how much they throw it. A lot of times it doesn’t turn into a physical game. Down there you can kind of feel it turn into that. It was good to see.”

Do you allow yourself to celebrate this win? “I think it’s good, but I think we have a lot more ball to play. I think this thing is always about how you finish. That’s one of the things that we talk about everyday to our kids about finishing everything whether it’s school, a weight workout, or a practice. I think the really good teams, the special teams can finish. And so the hard thing about that is you’re playing better teams here as we finish. So the next team we play will be a really good and elite team. It’s hard to finish. And the one after that will be a really good team. So we’ll figure this all out after the season when we’re done playing. We just feel like we have a lot of football left.”

On the offensive line today “I’m anxious to put that tape on because that’s a hard defensive line to block. They have some really good players in there. They’re moving every snap. They move preens and they move once the ball is snapped again. I think we did a fairly effective job. We didn’t have too many negative plays. This team is really good at blowing up some run game and creating negative plays. We had a couple which was manageable.”

On Jake Browning getting time to throw early “No question and Dante (Pettis), guys making big plays, the ball was a little underthrown. But Jake threw it nice and early. That’s hard on the DB when you get it up early. They’re trying to find the ball. Dante read just getting the pass interference; we’ve been all year about just attack the ball. Still make a play. Don’t settle for a pass interference. It was nice to see him do that.”

On Budda Baker “Budda (Baker) always makes plays. He plays hard. Plays efficient. We know he’s going to play good.”

Did the d-line shifting cause the false starts? “Oh yeah. The noise and that for sure.”

On trick plays “We always have a few up our sleeve. It’s just when Jonathan Smith thinks we’re going to roll. We had a plan to get some things out of the gate early. It was nice to get the first one and get a long pass. Usually we’d get a touchdown on that one, but it was a good momentum swing.”

Who was the next man up on special teams for Darren Gardenhire? “We have so many of those guys we just rotate in. They all play. Jordan Miller has been playing good all year out there. Myles Bryant is now in the mix. Guys that have been getting reps. The nice thing is it’s not like we’re relying on any one guy. I just feel like we have a handful. Austin Joyner is always out there making plays. I think it was a handful of those at different positions playing at kickoff, kickoff return, and really all four of the big special teams.”

On DJ Beavers “It was awesome seeing him get that interception. He plays hard. He practices hard. I think he’s elevating his game getting confidence. This is always a game of confidence. Azeem Victor would play with so much confidence, take chances, and blow things up. I think that’s a good game to model his game after and he’s another guy I’m anxious to watch his tape. It seemed like he played at a high level.”

Is this team where you thought it would be? “You never know how it’s going to go because it all comes down to execution. We’ve really felt good about these guys. I’ve said this many times going back to last season. Through the middle of the season when we struggling, inconsistent making plays and kept grinding. Towards the end of the season we started getting into a better rhythm on offense and came back in January and it was kind of an excited feeling that they had and it never wavered from that at all. But you never know. It all comes down to execution. You can try hard and be energetic and all those things. If you don’t execute. They put in all that hard work and turned it into execution. You don’t know how this is going to go. But w

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