Romar acknowledges backward step versus TCU

The Washington Men's Basketball team bounced back well after their season-opening loss to Yale, but then had another setback Saturday in their 93-80 loss to TCU in the championship game of the Global Sports Classic in Las Vegas. UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar talked Monday about the loss, as well as what the Huskies are going to try and do to avenge that loss when they play the Horned Frogs again Wednesday, this time in Fort Worth, Texas.

Opening “Congratulations to our women’s volleyball team and our football team being champs. It’s great to see that. Real, real, real happy for them.”

Can you feed off of other team’s success? “I think everybody is excited about it. I don’t know if we go into the game thinking that’s why we have to win. But I know our guys are excited. They talk about all the time.”

Is there competition within coaches at UW? “I think everybody pulls for everyone here. Such great coaches here and so many great teams. I think everybody pulls for each other. We have to hold our end, pull our weight. I don’t know if I’d say competitive as much as just pulling for all the different sports and so happy for them when they do well.”

On the TCU loss “We gave up far too many points against ball screens. And we came out for whatever reason flat. We turned the ball over 18 times, which they did also. But there were things that went on in that game and a lot of it had to do with TCU. Their guards played exceptionally well. Exceptionally well. But things that we were getting better at - we were playing better on the defensive end, we were doing a better job taking care of the ball, and then we kind of took a couple steps backwards in that game.”

What are your thoughts getting a rematch against TCU on Wednesday“For starters we have to come out with more intensity when we start the game. Without disclosing the game plan, I’d say if we do that and execute hopefully we can do a better job than we did. Of course it won’t be a neutral floor this time. It will be at their place. They’re undefeated. They’re playing well. They’re playing with a lot of confidence. It’s going to be a challenge, but we have to come in the game with a proper mindset from the outset.”

Is it ideal to get a second chance against TCU? “I don’t know if we would necessarily want to get out of it. We knew there was a possibility that we would play TCU twice because we’re in the same tournament. We knew that. I don’t think we were every totally disappointed. It is what it is the way it’s worked out. I don’t think we’d try to get out of the game. It’s going to be one of three road games. Seattle U being a road game, we don’t leave the city. But this will be one of the three. It will be our first time playing against a crowd - playing in a place where a crowd is totally against you. The others were neutral. I don’t think you schedule to play two teams twice out of conference, but it is what it is. That’s not something that we’re really, really disappointed about.” Top Stories