Kwiatkowski Looks Ahead To Colorado

Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski talks about Washington's big win in the Apple Cup and looks ahead to playing Colorado this Friday...

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Are the players getting more excited for a game as meaningful as the PAC-12 championship? “Yeah, it’s another unbelievable challenge because you watch what they do on offense, the way they run their quarterback, it’s good stuff and it’s hard to defend. Any time you have to account for the quarterback in any type of run game, especially the way they do it with the power run game, it makes it hard. So the front seven has a huge challenge this week to not be blocked. Because it comes down to our ability to strike, leverage, get knock off, and cannot go one for one. Not against this offense.”

On Sefo Liufau running the football “He is a downhill runner and he’s extremely competitive. The guy just keeps coming. He goes out and you’re like ‘oh the guy’s out.’ Then he comes back in. The guys is a tough, tough, tough competition and he has my respect. He has the team’s respect. We have to be ready for him.”

On Phillip Lindsay “He doesn’t go down easy. He’s a hard. He’s got a lot of production. When you watch him run for a guy that’s listed as not a big statured guy, he runs like a big guy. He’s always gaining ground. He’s always moving forward. He’s a hard guy - the first guy, he gets RAC, that run after contact. We have to wrap up, we have to run our feet, and we have to do a good job of the second, third guy getting there and helping out.”

On slowing down Colorado’s tempo “Hopefully we can have some nice drives on offense and control the ball and the time of possession. But with that being said, they go fast and it’s not all the time. But when they hit a play they’re going to go and they’re going to roll and they’re going to pull back a little bit. Guys just have to be on a point and get their eyes right. Get the call and get their eyes right. I have to do a good job of getting the call in so they can get lined up and go.”

When did you start working on Colorado? “We wanted to enjoy the Apple Cup. It was that next morning. Next morning for sure.”

On the atmosphere around the program “I think there’s still work out there to be done. Right now it’s the next game. I think we obviously are playing with a lot of confidence for sure. But you’re only as good as your next outing. Right now it’s just guys that are focused on Colorado and getting the game plan and practicing and getting better. We can show up on Friday and have our ‘a’-game,”

On DJ Beavers “He had a really good game against WSU. He’s done an outstanding job. All these guys, they never want to get put in that position. They want to earn the starting job through competition, not injury. But that’s part of football. He’s done a good job of staying engaged and he’s gotten in there. Staying engaged and his opportunity came and he’s made the most of it.”

On Budda Baker turning it on the past few weeks “Yeah. Budda (Baker) - we know how talented he is - but he’s just playing football. HIs football intelligence is off the charts and obviously his competitiveness. You pair all that with his football intelligence and he can play that much faster and it seems like he’s all over the field because he knows what’s going on out there offensively.”

How do you gauge football intelligence on a player? “You really don’t know until you get him and work with him. If you were able to figure out a way to do that in recruiting let me know.”

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