Eldrenkamp Recaps Apple Cup, Talks Colorado

Husky senior offensive lineman Jake Eldrenkamp talks about winning the Apple Cup and looks ahead to playing Colorado in the Conference Championship Game...

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On playing in the PAC-12 championship “It’s really exciting for us. The team has been here before a long time ago. Not a lot of us remember when the Dawgs were up on top. I think it’s fun for Husky Nation and it’s fun for all of us to be back on top.”

Is that more meaningful for you as a fifth year senior? “Yeah. It’s extremely meaningful to see that transition and see the team grow through 7-6 seasons all the way to the PAC-12 championship my senior year.”

What do you know about Colorado? “They’re a really solid team. There’s no doubt. It takes a really solid team to get to the PAC-12 championship, there’s no doubt. On all three phases they’re a really good team. It’s going to take our best.”

What do you know about Sefo Liufau? “He can run the ball. That guy, for a quarterback, he takes a lot of hits in a game. I respect how he runs the ball. It’s cool to see him run like that.”

How important is it to get the run game going? “It’s always important to establish the run in any game, especially this one because they’re defensive backs are really talented. So to be able to establish the run early on is going to be important.”

How impressive has Nick Harris been? “It’s pretty special. There are only a couple guys I’ve seen that have been able to come in and play their true freshman year. You usually need those couple years in the weight room to develop. He’s a really good athlete, really good player, smart player. So it’s exciting to see him get some time.”

What were you able to do to help Trey Adams get up to speed when he played as a true freshman last year? “It was definitely helpful. I was playing left tackle a lot before he got in. Just being able to impart some knowledge on him and help bring him along It in helped him out a little bit last year and this year.”

What do you remember from Colorado? “They were a young team back then. And they have a lot of those same guys around. Any time you have that it’s a recipe for a good team.”

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