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Dawgman Predictions - Colorado

Well, it's come down to Championship Friday - the Washington Huskies and Colorado Buffaloes - for all the Pac-12 marbles. Last week one Dawgman prognosticator strayed from the pack for Apple Cup and got burned. Is everyone back on the same page when it comes to picking the Dawgs over the Buffs?

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (11-1)

I believe Colorado presents a tough defense, a bit like Utah. They also have an offense with a running QB.  Again somewhat like we saw at Arizona.  I think it will be close.  Mistakes will carry a lot of weight in determining the outcome.  I do though believe we have more weapons to defend.  I also don’t think they have any offense we can’t defend.  For me the game should hinge on our offense against their defense.

Prediction: Washington 30-27


Johnb - Long Time Husky Fan (11-1)

Washington is better than Colorado. I think they are better on both sides of the ball and on special teams. That doesn’t mean that the Buffaloes are going to be a pushover. They have a defense which is almost as good as the Washington. They are quite capable of upsetting the Huskies if the ball bounces their way. The key for Washington is to establish the running game and keep the Buffs guessing on defense. Defensively the Huskies need to take way the run with their massive front line and make Colorado one dimensional on offense. Jake Browning is the biggest difference maker in this game. If UW gets out early the Buffs will be chasing them all night.

Prediction: Washington 38-21


Luke Mounger - Intern Extraordinaire (11-1)

This is a battle between two teams with great defenses that are well coached. I think what gives Washington the edge in this one is their offensive fire power. This will be a tough fought game, but I think UW will lead by a score or so for the majority of the game and will put it away in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Prediction: Washington 31-16


Jay Torrell - Sports Washington/Scout.com (11-1)

Pop quiz: Who is the only team in the country to win 5 true conference road games this year? With two of those against their bitter rivals? You guessed it, the Huskies. I’ve made the mistake this year of watching way too much daytime ESPN college football coverage and they never, ever, never, ever mention that the Huskies play 9 conference games with 5 of those on the road. I’m not going to argue that UW’s schedule is tougher than any of the contenders but at the end of the day will measure up to Michigan’s AND Clemson’s. Hell, Michigan won only one game outside of their own state. Bottom line is that the Dawgs have performed on the road when it counts and boy will this one count. The Road Dawgs prove to the committee that not only do they belong, but that they should be considered to move into the 2 or 3 spot. Huskies roll.

Prediction: Washington 45-23


Chris Fetters - Editor (11-1)

One of Washington’s toughest games was at Arizona, and it was the only other game where they had to deal with a running quarterback. They got shredded by Brandon Dawkins, but found a way to win in overtime. Sefo Liufau runs in a different way than Dawkins, but is still just as effective. I don’t know if UW will try and put a spy on Liufau or what, but containing him and Phillip Lindsay is job one. They have to force Liufau to beat UW through the air. 
Offensively for Washington, I expect this one to be a slugfest. UW will try and take their shots, but they haven’t faced a complete defensive backfield like Colorado this year. USC is very good, but they aren’t as sound as the Buffs. As always, the key will be if Jake Browning has a clean pocket to throw. If he is given time, like he was in the Apple Cup, he will find open receivers. 
In the end, this game has the makings of a classic smash mouth affair, with field position, turnovers and special teams all having an impact. I know UW is favored by around a touchdown, and as we know Vegas knows all - so I’ll go with Huskies 

Prediction: Washington 31-24 


Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (10-2)

I honestly have felt pretty good about Washington's chances to beat Colorado since we found out they'd be playing them late on Saturday. Washington's offense is more diverse, their defense is better, even with two big missing pieces (Azeem Victor and Joe Mathis), they have more speed and their specialists, especially their returners, are much more explosive. I think this one comes down to Washington's offense and how they start as well as how the Husky defense handles Sefo Liufau who is a good runner, but not particularly accurate as a thrower. They need to control Phillip Lindsay and not let him grind it out and if they enter the red zone, they'd better focus on Liufau who likes to keep the ball and pound it in himself. I expect the Huskies to get at least a couple of turnovers in this one and either John Ross or Dante Pettis to have a return for a touchdown. This one will be close for a while, but I see Washington pulling away for a relatively easy win to take the conference title and head to the College Football Playoff.

Prediction: Washington 37-20


Kim Grinolds - CEO (11-1)

Expect Washington to score first and never relinquish the lead. it will be a tight game and UW will expand their lead as the game goes on. Gaskin and Coleman will flourish in the 4th quarter as UW pulls away.

Prediction: Washington 38-21


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