Post Game Video - Trey Adams

Here's what OL Trey Adams had to say following Washington's 41-10 win over Colorado in the Pac 12 Championship Game...

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What did it mean for you to force your will running the ball? “It was fun. That was our whole game plan. Run there rock and I thin we did a really good job of that. Lavon (Coleman) and Myles (Gaskin), I tip my hat to them. They ran the ball hard. A lot of yards after contact by them. If they do that it’s fun to watch, fun to block for them.”

On the turnaround from last season to now “I mean, I think we earned it. The whole offseason working hard. I made a joke to all the freshman guys. It’s their first time coming in and they win a championship. It’s pretty cool to be a part of. I love this team.”

What did you show the committee tonight? “I’m not sure. I’m not really into that stuff. I’m sure a good message. It was a good win, so it will be fun to see what bowl we go to and all that. I’m excited.”

Are you excited for a few weeks to rest up? “I mean, some time off will be nice. A little rest time will be good. Looking forward to that.”

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