Post Game Video - Myles Gaskin

Here's what RB Myles Gaskin had to say following Washington's 41-10 win over Colorado in the Pac 12 Championship Game...

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On Colorado’s defense “They were a solid squad, not going to lie. They hit hard. At the end of the day our o-line was really doing their thing out there. They were working hard. Like I say to everybody, I love those guys and they do everything they can. They just work so hard. They were doing their thing and we have faith in them. We were struggling with the passing game a little bit. But we can always run the rock. It was a good feeling.”

Did you sense frustration with Colorado? “Not until the end. When you lose a game you do get frustrated. That’s an understandable thing. But not until the end. When you’re playing a game you try to stay in your own zone. Some guys do feed off other guys frustration, but me personally, I kind of stay in my own zone. Just focused on what I have at hand. Towards the end, but that’s understandable. It was a big game. They played their hearts out. I have nothing but respect for those guys. I wish them the best of luck down the road and the rest of the season. It was a good team.”

Can you feel the 29 carries you had? “Not really. Because the o-line. Yeah, I wish I could have done more with less, but at the end of the day we got the ‘W’ so it’s all good.”

Do you feel different after Lavon Coleman gives you some time to rest? “Yeah absolutely. He softens them u. He’s a great running back. He’s always breaking tackles, breaking arm tackles. Sometimes I don’t and I see him doing and I’ll ask him what did you or what did you see on this play. He’s always got that advice. He is the older dude in the room. He’s a helpful dude. I love that guy.”

On the left side of the offensive line “That’s the whole line. i can’t tell you just about them because those guys are great. Like I said, those guys just do they’re job and it starts with a great week of practice every single week and they come out ready to go every week hooting and hollering while everybody else has some crust in their eye still and everything like that. Those guys are ready every week.”

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