Romar expects toughest test so far Wednesday

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar expects the Hoop Dawgs' stiffest test to date Wednesday when the Huskies (4-3) head east to Spokane to take on the No. 8 Gonzaga Bulldogs (8-0). The game is at 8 pm and will air live on ESPN2.

What do you like about the team right now? “Our potential. That’s what I like. Potential means you haven’t done anything yet though, so we have to reach our potential.”

On the changes you tried to make against TCU in the second game “We were more purposeful on the defensive end guarding their ball-screens. They score quite a bit on their-ball screen stuff, two-man game stuff against us in the first outing. This time we were abel to cut that down considerably. I thought our guys did a good job of adapting to what we were trying to do the second time. We still lost the game but it was a lot better effort. A lot more organized in what we were doing.”

Did you think you would be closer to playing a full 40 minutes of defense than you are at this point? “I did. I thought we would be. Like I said, I do see progress. I think we are starting to see progress. We’re not undefeated so it doesn’t reflect that, but we know what we’re doing here and we’re seeing the progress. So we have to keep heading that direction.”

Did anything click offensively against TCU? “I think we were taking good shots. It wasn’t necessarily transition that we were getting those buckets. We were just flat getting stops. I thought we  were getting good shots. We were making good shots. Other thing about those first 10 minutes is I think they only had one offensive rebound, and there were plenty of misses because they were only shooting like 8% at one point. But we were getting the rebounds. We were doing everything that was necessary to play basketball at a high level. We showed that to our team. It wasn’t three possessions. It was 10 minutes. If it were not for us turning the ball over I feel confident that we would have extended that. We were our own worst enemy by turning the ball over like we did.”

On Nigel Williams-Goss “He’s doing a great job of running his team. A very good job of running his team. You can just see he’s a precision type player. He understands what they’re doing. He gets them into what they’re doing. I think he’s just doing a really good job.”

Why did the Gonzaga-Washington series stop? “When we stopped the series initially we had just been involved in the Big 12 challenge where we were playing across the country. Sometimes it was even two of them in one year. And the way our schedule was going with playing in some nationally televised tournaments - that was back in 2007. We had been here for four or five years and we were still trying to gain notoriety ourselves. At that point as great as the Gonzaga game was in state, on a national scale it wasn’t really televised. All of a sudden we were presented with some great opportunities to play nationally and that’s when we decided to do it.”

How did you think Nigel Williams-Goss would fit at Gonzaga? “I thought he would fit in fine. They’ve had good guards over the years. They want there point guards to really be able to run their team and get them into their offense and their sets. I knew he was going to do fine, but he was going to fine wherever he went. He’s a good basketball player.”

Is there anything that’s popped out to you as different when looking at Gonzaga this year? “A couple years ago they had Gary Bell and Kevin Pangos. They were senior guards who were good. All-conference level guards who were really good. And there team was really good. You watch them and you think when those guys leave maybe they’d dip a little bit. Then last year you think ‘wait a minute, this team could win it all’ when you looked at their team last year. Then they lose something, they lose a lot. Now they come back again and this team is really good. I’m just impressed with their ability to sustain their level of play at a high level every year. So in terms of something different, as far as that goes it’s not different because they continue to play at a high level and they’re very, very efficient.” Top Stories