Thybulle happy Gonzaga series is back on

As a local basketball player, Washington sophomore Matisse Thybulle is happy the Washington/Gonzaga series is back on. The Huskies (4-3) travel east Wednesday to face the No. 8 Bulldogs, the team Thybulle spurned to stay home and play for the Huskies.

On the feeling of the team following the losses to TCU “We’re pretty upset. To come off two losses hurts. I think, especially the way we started the game against TCU, to just come out dominating on both ends of the court and to watch it all just crumble and then we blow a lead and not be able to come back.”

What happened after the hot start against TCU? “I think we just got comfortable and once they started to make a run we lost our intensity on defense and our energy. We just weren’t able to bounce from that.”

Are there any positives takeaways from the TCU game? “We showed 10 minutes of how good we can be defensively and how we can almost take over a game. I think if we can learn to extend those 10 minutes to 20, 30, 40, I think it will show in the outcome of our games.”

Will playing a team like Gonzaga help your focus? “I think it will help, but I think also, like I said, coming off of two losses we’re ready to get a win. I think that that in and of itself is enough for us to just want to get after it.”

Did the UW-Gonzaga series have any impact on you growing up? “Honestly growing up I didn’t know too much about Gonzaga. I didn’t really start to hear about them until I was getting recruited and I saw how great of a team they were. I think for other people, I thin they’re pretty excited to bring this game back because we haven’t played outside of a tournament in a really long time.”

What did you like about Gonzaga when you were being recruited? “They’re a winning program. They go to the tournament a lot and they’re a little bit like my highs school in a sense, just a bigger version. I felt comfortable with the situation over there.”

What do you know about Nigel WIlliams-Goss? “Honestly not too much because I came right after he left. I know that he was a part of the beginning of a great season for UW. I know that he’s a really solid point guard and he can command a team really well. I’m excited to play against him.”

On the team taking bad shots “Bad shots is relative because I think you can take that there are times we took a lot of bad shots last year, but just the fact that if - we take quick shots and that’s part of our offense. It’s just to put the heat on the defense. In most cases if you’re making these shots, no one is going to say it’s a bad shot. The fact that a lot of our shots just haven’t been falling and we started off so hot and started to cool down a little people are starting to say ‘oh, they might be taking bad shots.’ But I think that if we just keep sticking to it our shots are going to fall and these shots are going to put more pressure on the other team and we can just get after it.” Top Stories