Dickerson has message for Georgia-bound Dawgs

Hailing from Atlanta, sophomore UW forward Noah Dickerson was thrilled to hear that the football team would be heading down to his hometown for New Year's Eve. Noah talked about that Monday, as well as the Huskies' matchup with No. 8 Gonzaga Wednesday night in Spokane.

On takeaways from their matchup against TCU “The second time we played TCU, the first 10 minutes of that game defensively we were all over the place and it showed us how we can be defensively and how we can really disrupt people. We just have to learn how to just extend that for the whole game instead of just 10 minutes of the game and learn when teams go on a run to settle down and not get rattled.”

What was the reaction to watching film of the first 10 minutes against TCU? “My reaction was sort of like ‘wow, what happened?’ Even if we didn’t, it’s not like those 10 minutes we never made a mistake. Of course we’re going to make mistakes. We made mistakes but people were still there to help and get your back and seeing just how we’re playing defensively and then just all of a sudden after those 10 minutes, just breakdowns, turning the ball over. Those add up. We’re working on a lot of taking care of the ball and just making better decisions.”

What do you remember from the last time you played Gonzaga? “Just their physicality. Just how physical they play and how they have a huge inside presence.”

What was your view of Gonzaga in high school? “I honestly never had one. When I was waking up in the morning I was never really thinking about schools up here. I used to wake up in the morning and just think about SEC schools, Duke, (North) Carolina, things like that. More on this coast. I wasn’t really familiar with many schools out here.”

On the UW Football team playing Alabama “That’s awesome. Congratulations to them. Especially in my home state. Good luck to them. It’s a tough team but I think we can do it.”

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