Saturday Media Briefing - Jonathan Smith

Here's what Washington offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith had to say on the first Saturday of bowl practices...

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On things to work on without overloading: "We have to decide how much we want to give the young guys some work, how much we want to prepare, because you can, you can get overloaded, you can put too much time into it and then you're well away from what you've been. We've balanced it pretty well for the past couple of years, so we'll take the same approach."

On keeping guys sharp: "It's some work. You get into practice and you want to go full speed, we'll do some good amount of ones vs. ones, that's a good defense to go agaist to maintain being sharp, but at the same time, it is what it is. We're going to take three or four weeks off here, so we have to practice fast to give us the best chance."

On the Alabama defense's weakness: "We haven't seen man, no. We've got a couple of more weeks to look at it, but there's no question. They present some problems in the run game, they're physical, they can run with you on the perimeter, obviously they've been great at getting the ball and getting turnovers, so it's a challenge."

On Jake Browning recharging himself: "I do think he needed to take a little time off for his arm and he's getting that. I think he's learned a ton this year, just like he learned a ton last year and it will be awesome for us, we're taking a long look at ourselves the last couple of days seeing what we really do well, what we can clean up and hopefully put our best product out there this next game."Join the discussion on Dawgman's message boards Top Stories