Saturday Media Briefing - Chico McClatcher

Here's what Washington receiver Chico McClatcher had to say on the first Saturday of bowl practices...

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Keys to getting the offense going against Alabama - “Got to get short passes going to get Jake feeling good and getting the ball downfield. Our run game is going to have to dominate to make this a good game. I think we’ll be ready.”

What’s the atmosphere like right now around the team? - “I’d probably say excited, because people from the south and people from the west coast don’t play each other that much. We’re tired of playing the whole Pac-12 so we want to move on to something different. It’s going to be a great challenge for us.”

On getting his explosiveness back for the Pac-12 Title game - “I think that’s fair. Going through that knee injury put me in a bad mood, but the training staff did great with me and I worked through it and as the games got longer I just stayed with the knee brace, so it helped me stabilize my knee. I feel pretty confident with my knee so far.”

Of all the plays this season, where does Jakes touchdowns versus Oregon rank, including his winger-wag? - “That was a big moment, honestly. Jake doesn’t really do that but going against a rival school like that I guess that’s acceptable for us to do that.”

Is that part of his personality showing through that we may not normally see? - “You can say that. Jake’s a very quiet, humble guy. He’s not worried about media or social media like that. He’s just playing his game and it works out and we put 70 points on them. He’s just being him, really.”

What do you get excited about watching Alabama’s tape? - “Just playing different type corners. They are kind of similar to Colorado because they’re long and lengthy but it’s going to be a great challenge to us wide receivers. It’s going to come down to our pass game. We’ve got to create separation and move the ball down the field and make plays.”

Talk about what it’s like to be going through this as a hometown guy? - “This feeling is great, to represent in front of my family and my friends around Washington. We’ve got a lot of home guys here playing on the team and overall it’s going to be a great feeling playing in front of all of them on national TV against Alabama. It’s going to be pretty exciting.”

Over the course of the next three weeks, how do you get refocused and the body recharged for the bowl game? - “Going in the training room, just try to recover from all the aches and bruises that we have. We’re going to take this time, study the film closely and be ready to execute when we play them.”

What do you say to those that give you no chance at all in this game? - “Don’t overlook us. Obviously what the paper says is that we’re the underdog but we can’t play like an underdog. We have to be physical the whole game and show that we can play.”

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