Saturday Media Briefing - Bush Hamdan

Husky receiver coach Bush Hamdan talks about the first day of bowl game preparations...

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Where were you when you found out who you were playing in the playoff? - “Oh boy. I think I was on our way to our banquet, that Sunday I believe. So on our way to our final banquet.”

What was your thought? - “Excited. Everybody naturally wants to talk about Alabama and I just wanted to take a couple days, take a deep breath and soak it in what a tremendous year it was and we’re excited.”

Okay with being the underdog? - “We’ve probably been an underdog forever, so I think we feel good in that role and it’s about us. Coach Pete stressed that again, and I think this team believes that.”

On Dante Pettis and his improvement - “I think he’s come a long way and you look toward that end-of-the-year, some of the things that John Ross was seeing to take him away, Dante knew it was critical of him to step up in the role and we really felt we put him in some positions toward the end to be successful. He really made those plays.”

On John Ross and when his improvement started to show up - “Probably around game four or five. I can’t tell you exactly what game it was, maybe Stanford, but as a coach - especially on game day - you just kind of sit back and watch. There’s only so much you can do. Just watching him and some of the things he was able to do fundamentally, a testament to him and his hard work and his attitude. He came a long way.”

On Chico getting better - “The first time I felt he really got back to his elite speed and burst was for sure those practices before the Pac-12 Championship. So it’s great to have that guy, and I can’t say enough good things about him and his efforts and hanging in there and playing while he was a little bit banged up. That guy is everything this program is about.”

How similar is this to the Boise State-Oklahoma experience so far? - “I don’t think it’s as similar. I really don’t. We’re a damn good football team and again, there are certain matchups we’ve got to go after and go get wins on. We know how good a football team they are but I don’t see it as the same thing.”

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