Saturday Media Briefing - Trey Adams

Here's what Washington offensive lineman Trey Adams had to say on the first Saturday of bowl practices...


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When you came to UW, did you envision something like this? - “Of course. I think if you don’t set goals like this you’re not really striving. You want to be the best. You want to go against the best. That’s what we’re going to do. That’s what I love most is we played our butts off all year, beat a lot of good teams and now we get to go play a really good team in Atlanta to potentially win a national championship. So that’s amazing.”

Has it soaked in yet that you’re a game away from playing for a National Championship? - “It really hasn’t. It feels like it’s meant to be. If you win all your games, play good, you have Jake Browning, you have a couple spark plugs like John Ross to make plays - this will happen to any team. It’s just been really cool and we’re lucky enough and blessed enough to go down to the game. It’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait.”

You guys were prepping for a bowl exactly a year ago, but does this have a different feel about it? - “Yeah. It feels different because we won a Pac-12 Championship. The whole vibe that comes with the big ole trophy that we have upstairs is amazing. Everyone’s pumped up, we’re not going to a, no offense, a little Dallas bowl. That’s definitely a thing you can feel when you’re going to big bowl, you’re playing for a big title and you already won a big title. The juices around here are just flowing right now and it’s fun to see and fun to be around. It’s great for our seniors too.”

Gotten a sense at all from friends and family what this means for the Wenatchee community? - “I think our whole football thing at Wenatchee is doing good. Me, Cody O’Connell, Isaiah Brandt-Sims - we’re putting Wenatchee on the map, which is cool. All my friends are happy and excited. It’ll be fun to go back and talk to all the coaches, do all that. At the end of the day I’m a kid who plays football. I’m not some superstar.”

On watching the younger linemen start to get their shots during these practices, like Luke Wattenberg - “Nick Harris obviously playing good…if you guys watch Luke Wattenberg in practice he’s really good. I love watching him. He’s got really good hips. Henry Roberts is coming around. We have a young oline. We’re graduating Jake Eldrenkamp, Shane Brostek - so spots are going to be open definitely next year. We have such a good group in the oline room that it’s so fun to be around those guys and they work their butts off. I love those guys.”

On initial reaction after seeing film of Alabama - “You see them on SportsCenter all the time, so that’s a pretty good sign they’re pretty good. Other than that it’s just another team. It’s another game we’ve got to prepare our butts off for, work hard, play hard and see what happens.”

Who on the scout team is going to play Jonathan Allen? - “I don’t know. Probably Levi (Onwuzurike) or someone like that. Football’s football. We’re going to get plays, they’re going to get plays. It’s going to be a fun game.”

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