Romar expects to see different team Sunday

Lorenzo Romar met with the media Saturday ahead of their Sunday clash at home versus Nevada, and he talked about what he saw with the Huskies' sobering defeat at Gonzaga, the patterns he's seen so far, and the changes he expects to see from the Hoop Dawgs on Sunday.

When you see zero assists at half, is that Gonzaga executing their game plan, or was there something that broke down on Washington’s half? - “There’s a little bit of both. We had a lot of wide open looks and they didn’t go down. The layups, the double-digit layups that we missed around the basket? Some of that was Gonzaga, their length bothering us down there. We did a much better job of taking care of the basketball. Twelve turnovers for the game, so that showed we were helping our cause a little bit there. But we just didn’t do a very good job of executing.”

In the short term, what are you hoping to see Sunday? - “Us play with life, energy and execute better on the defensive and offensive end. That sounds simple but we haven’t done that for 40 minutes yet so it’s still something we’re trying to strive for.”

You look for patterns. Are you getting to the point where you might have to really shake things up in a radical way? - “I wouldn’t say radical, but we have made some adjustments at this point. Due to the scout I’m not going to say what they are, but yeah. That is a pattern. After eight games defensively what we have not been able to get accomplished, that’s definitely a pattern. As a result I believe we’ve addressed it and we’ll make some adjustments.”

Where did the defensive breakdowns really occur? Was it asking more of them than they were capable of doing? - “I wouldn’t say more. I would say we’re doing some things slightly different now because it reflects our personnel more. We thought our personnel fit a certain way, we’ve now adjusted that. That doesn’t mean anybody’s done anything wrong or not trying. It’s just that this season being a young season at this point, we think we’ve identified some things - individually as well as collectively - that we will improve upon next time out.”

Have you been able to keep out the noise, given the poor start? - “I don’t think there’s any question with twitter and the whole social media…you read that stuff enough, it can get to you. But I don’t think it has us right now to where we’re down and depressed. I don’t think it has us like that at all. The season is still very young.”

And you personally? - “I remember reading a paper when I was in the NBA saying ‘Warriors need a point guard’. I was a point guard. I was the starting point guard. For me, that kind of comes with the territory. I wouldn’t say that it’s pleasant to hear, but you hear all that stuff all the time. If you decide you want to become a head coach at this level or want to be a leader in any capacity, you’re going to have criticism. It comes with the territory. You’ve got to be able to deal with that.”

On Nevada - “They will be the scrappiest team we’ve faced at this point. They are explosive. They have a terrific NBA prospect in Cameron Oliver. He’s just really good. He’s a 6-8 big that can step out and really shoot the basketball. They were picked to be second in the Mountain West, so they are a good team.”

On if these are must-win games now at 4-4? - “Define must-win. We’ve been here before where you say backs up against the wall, must-win games. We have to play right for 40 minutes at some point. And we’re hoping it’s now sooner than later. 5-5 in 2012, we won the league. Ended up 14-4 in our league, so it’s definitely.. we have the pieces to get our stuff together and get right.”

What makes you so confident something like that can happen? - “Because our team, the makeup of our team, there’s things we haven’t quite gotten yet that we’ve showed signs of being able to do for segments at a time. You can’t fake some of the segments that we’ve had where we’ve done things right. We just have to make sure we do them for longer periods of time. So we’ve seen flashes of us being a very solid basketball team. If there were no flashes at all there would be a little more gloom and doom. But I just see too many things that we have the potential to be a much better team than we have showed.”

Have the players hung their heads or are they still grinding? - “Our team wishes they were undefeated but at the same time I think our guys are eager to play tomorrow. I think our guys will come out and play with great energy tomorrow.” Top Stories