Pettis knows there’s plenty to work on spoke Saturday with Washington junior receiver Dante Pettis, who talked about getting to the Peach Bowl to play No. 1 Alabama, and the things the No. 4 Huskies need to focus on and improve as they prepare to battle the Crimson Tide New Year’s Eve in Atlanta for the right to play for a National Championship.

How did you react when you heard you were playing Alabama? “I was actually sleeping. One of the guys we live with ran in the room and was like ‘we got Alabama.’ I was like half asleep when he told me. When I finally fully woke up I was pretty excited.”

Were you surprised you are playing Alabama? “No. I wasn’t that surprised. I kind of figured that’s what they would do.”

How much tape have you watched on Alabama? “A lot. We just had finals last week, so really we didn’t have too much football. We were either studying or watching film. That’s pretty much it last week.”

On how much effort goes into having a month to prepare “It’s big. It’s big just getting your body right. There’s a lot of time to fine tune different things that have been going wrong the whole season.  lot of time to game plan. It’s good to have that much time off before a game.”

What do you need to fine tune before the game? “There’s a lot of stuff we need to work on. We have done a lot of good things, but I still think there’s certain parts of the offense we can definitely get better at.”

Can you share what you’re working on? “Not really to be honest. I mean, consistency. There are times where we will have a little bit of a cold streak maybe and it takes someone to make a big play for us to get going. Really just staying in the groove of things.”

On the passing game against Colorado and the challenge of Alabama’s defense “Against Colorado I don’t really have an answer for that. They had some good players. The running game was working so I think we didn’t need to force the passing game too much. Alabama has really good players too. I’ll see what they have in the game plan. For us we’ll see what we have in the game plan and go from there.”

How satisfying has this year been? “I wouldn’t say it’s satisfying yet. There are still a few more games we’d like to win. But it is good coming from where we were last year to being in the College Football Playoffs.”

Was there a time you felt like this team has a shot to be special? “Yeah. Like January of last year in our offseason workouts. We came to the workouts at 6:00 in the morning all fired up and stuff and they were hard workouts too. I was like ‘if we’re ready to work like this at 6:00 in the morning, that says a lot about us.’” Top Stories