“Someone’s got to knock them off, why not us”

According to Washington right tackle Kaleb McGary, Alabama is far and away the best team they’ll play this season. But the sophomore talked Saturday about being up for the challenge of beating the Crimson Tide for a chance to play for a National Championship.


What got you into a groove run blocking? “I’m not sure I could really tell you. I guess we all just kind of got our stuff together. We just kind of figured it out. Constant coaching and critiquing from coach Strausser. It finally clicked and we got it right.”

What was your reaction when you heard you were playing Alabama? “Sweet. Let’s go, man. Someone has to knock them off. Why not us?”

On Alabama “They’re an excellent football team. They really are. They are far and away the best team we’ve seen all season. It will be a good game.”

What have you seen out of the Alabama front seven? “Strength and power. They’re all big and they’re all very strong.”

Does the fact that no one believes you can get this done motivate you? “Absolutely. It’s always a little better to be the underdog and to prove everyone wrong. Makes it taste a little bit sweeter.”

Are you aware of coach Petersen’s history with bowl upsets? “Honestly not really. I can’t speak for everyone else, bus as far as I’m concerned I’m really just worried about the here and now.”

Can you feel a different vibe for this game? “Not really honestly. Just next game. This is the biggest game we’ve played, but same old thing. Next game, here we go.”

Any enjoyment in going to a place you haven’t been before? “Absolutely. I’m psyched. This is awesome. I’m super excited. It’s somewhere I haven’t really been, certainly not for a whole week. An atmosphere I have never been in. This is by far the biggest, most profound thing I have ever participated in. This is monstrous. This is awesome. This is hands down the biggest even I have ever participated in.”

Have you talked about what this will be like with your teammates? “Honestly not really. We’ve all been pretty quiet enjoying our time off.”

Did you watch section Sunday? “No. I was outside my man. Roaming around. Enjoying the outdoors ever chance I get.”

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