Smith Talks Alabama Game Planning

Here's what Jonathan Smith had to say as the Huskies continue to prepare for their matchup with Alabama in the Peach Bowl...

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**Note** The first minute of the Smith video has no audio. We apologize for the inconvenience.

On the physicality of Alabama’s defense “I think for sure the physicality in the front seven. They’re athletic but they’re physical too. It’s not like they’re jus big and they can’t move. Those guys are big and they can move the pile. There is no question that those guys up front are good. At;etc in the secondary and good ball skills in the secondary.”

On the national media not giving Washington much of a chance to win this game “We just don’t talk about it a lot. They’re going to hear about it The social media, they see it on TV. We’re not using that as motivation. We’re coming in here and preparing like we have all year. We feel like we deserve to be in this thing. We’re going to put our best effort forward.”

Are trick plays and stuff overrated with your staff? “I think so. I don’t think we’ve run that many this year compared to some of the other years. They get attention. When they work they’re great. When they don’t it’s kind of like people feel like we’re wasting time. It’s a part of our package, but we’re running a lot of regular plays way more than trick plays.”

Are you not running trick plays because you are more confident in your players’ talent? “Yeah a little bit. We’ve had them in each game, we just haven’t called all that many of them. We’ve gotten to some later in the year that have had some success. We’re talking probably on average one a game this year.”

Did Jake Browning benefit from resting a little more after the PAC-12 championship? “I think so. A little rest helps everybody, but especially a guy that’s thrown the ball as many times as he has. It’s been nice for him to have a week off.”

On needing to commit to balance, even with as good of a run defense as Alabama “I think you’re always shooting to have some balance for sure. We’re going to go in with that same mindset of trying to have some balance. These guys are good. These guys are a great challenge running the ball, and throwing it for that matter. We’re at our best when we’re balanced.”

On coach Petersen’s ability to prepare his team for big games “I think coach Petersen has always got a good plan. We do have a little bit more time to prepare, but so do they. I don’t know the exact science on why we’ve had some success, but it’s been working.”

On Alabama’s defensive scheme “It’s sound and they disguise it well. It’s not like they’re playing one defense the whole time. They mix. They have different personnels on defense. It’s a very sound and complicated defense in ways. Then you compound that with the talent they’ve got going. It’s good.”

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