Youngsters Stepping Up According To Malloe

Here's what defensive line coach Ikaika Malloe had to say as the Huskies continue to prepare for their matchup with Alabama in the Peach Bowl...

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On the development of younger guys “Great improvement. The ones that have been - I was happy with their development is Ricky McCoy, Jason Scrempos and Jared Pulu. Those guys were kind of the freshmen and they were learning the technique, especially of some of the stuff that we’ve bene working on. To see them full circle now, and they’re going against the twos and the threes, just to see them develop a skill from our fundamentals, I’m really looking forward to them in spring and seeing what they can do.”

Is consistency tough to develop because of the talent they’re facing in college? “That’s the whole point. You’re the big fish in a small sea when you’re at high school. When you come here you’re the small fish in a bigger sea. It’s really a mindset trying to be able to compete every single day knowing that you might not be there in the beginning. But if you continue to go forward you can get their end results their. So for Ricky (McCoy) when we talk about consistency, it’s really just competing and knowing that he has to come out and give it his best shot even though it might not be good enough at the time. If he continues to do it and build skill and execute his fundamentals, he’ll get to the end result that he wants.”

On Jared Pulu’s development of a walk on “It’s awesome. Actually it reminds me of when I was playing. The walk ons there, which is what coach Petersen kind of echoes, nobody should treat it as per se a walk on. And to have a player like him come on as a walk on, that’s huge for our team. That’s huge for his development. Long arms, great hands, physical, and obviously athletic. Jared has a really bright future ahead of him here.”

What have you seen from the Alabama offensive line? “A little bit of everything. This line that we’re going to face is probably the fastest that I’ve seen in terms of athleticism. They can move. If you can picture it they have five Vita Vea’s on their side that can move just as fast as Vita if not faster. Our job is really to rely on fundamentals. If we can stay with them, if we can try to create some knock off and be as physical as they are and give ourselves a chance that way.”

What has the last year been like for you? “It’s been awesome. I couldn’t have been a better situation coming back home to my alumni and hearing from the fans, hearing from the players, being a part of it, I was just saying how special that is that I’m involved in it but yet I can view it from a fan’s point of view as an alumni. I know one thing; I have grown because of coach Petersen and this staff, coach Kwiatkowski, Jimmy (Lake), and coach Gregory. Those guys have really taught me more things about my coaching style than I have to the players probably. Iron sharpens iron and I think we’re all getting better as a unit.”

What’s the reception on the recruiting trail now that UW is playing in the Peach Bowl? “We’ve definitely brought exposure to the west coast, to the northwest I should say in particular. The purple and gold actually means something, first from being able to win the PAC-12 championship and regain dominance in the northwest, and being able to have an opportunity to play in the playoffs. People are starting to hear Washington in the commercials and it’s becoming hopefully a household name.”

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