UW Wideouts Blocking Out All The Noise

Here's what UW wideouts coach Bush Hamdan had to say as the Huskies continue to prepare for their matchup with Alabama in the Peach Bowl...

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Do you still focus on yourselves when preparing for a team like Alabama or do you shift your focus outward? “Probably a little of both if I’m being honest. But it is. We need to go out there and execute like we can execute. We know this is a big challenge, but we’ll be ready.”

What do you say to the people who don’t give Washington a chance to win this game? “Not a lot. We’ll see. December 31 is our opportunity and I hope we’re ready.”

On having played for Chris Petersen “The interesting thing about playing for Chris Petersen is I think you’re like a Chris Petersen alum maybe before you are even the school you went to. It’s just been special, even during this year. You see a bunch of former Boise State guys coming by in the facility. i think that’s a Petersen thing, the relationships that they’ve built with them. They’re some of our closest friends and we’ve appreciated it.”

On the attitude of the team when Boise State found our they were going to play Oklahoma “I think, like annoying, we felt we belonged in a big game and just ecstatic to showcase who we were on the national stage.”

Did you feel like you became a better team when given a month to prepare? “I think first off you feel good getting fresh. Actually your legs feel good. I think any time you get the opportunity to kind of step away and work on your own things fundamentally and what you need to get better at you take a step for sure.”

On why coach Petersen is so good with preparation “I think he’s just really good. Three days, two days, one day, six months, I think he’s really good.”

Is he different when approaching challenges today than he was 10 years ago? “No. I still remember to this day when he was my quarterbacks coach and his wife would bring a cup of coffee in at 10:30 at night and we’d be grinding. Same guy every single day.”

On the younger receivers “It’s still a challenge from that standpoint when you try to build depth because you think about some of these younger guys and they’re playing. They’re ones and twos, so when you really think younger guys Jordan Chin has been a guy that we think is doing a good job. He’s continually got to get bigger, but  he makes plays. So minus Jordan Chin from a younger standpoint, KJ Young, we continue to bring him a long. It’s good to get Brayden Lenius out there running around. Again, Andre (Baccellia) and Quinten (Pounds), those guys are in our two deeps so I don’t know if I’d necessarily call them younger guys. But those guys have done a good job and I think just waiting on their opportunity.”

Is it a badge of honor as a group to have proven the media wrong and produce huge numbers as a receiving corps? “I don’t know if a badge of honor. I think it’s a good lessen for all those guys and definitely a good feeling I think for myself from the standpoint of we took one day at a time, didn’t really listen to the outside noise and came together as a group. I think we have some talented guys and really put it together.”

On the development of John Ross “He’ll always be one of the more special guys I’ve been able to coach. I think his preparation, his attitude to becoming this elite receiver showed up. This spring I think he was always one of these perfectionist guys trying to do everything right. He just took it one day at at time and took the good with the bad. I’m really proud of that guy.”

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