Husky OL Has Big Challenge Ahead

Here's what UW offensive line coach Chris Strausser had to say as the Huskies continue to prepare for their matchup with Alabama in the Peach Bowl...

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On the preparation for the bowl game “There’s been a lot stuff going on. Thees guys had finals last week and so really focusing on school. Didn’t practice at all. Had a chance to get dialed back in this weekend once finals were over, had a couple good practices. Yesterday off and kind of into normal game week stuff right now Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. I think they practice really well. They practice hard. They’ve been dialed in. They’re excited to get a chance to play.”

On the younger offensive linemen “Henry (Roberts) is doing a good job. He continues to progress all the time, baby steps. Luke Wattenberg is a guy that’s finally put some pounds on since he’s been here and really shows a lot of promise. I think he’s a guy that has a chance get in there and compete pretty quick in the spring.”

On Devin Burleson “Devin (Burleson) is doing well. It’s nice for him - all these guys are having fun running our offense again. They’ve been scouts for so long, to get a chance to actually run our plays is exciting for them. So Devin - we’ve only had four practices but he’s had a good four practices.”

On Alabama’s defensive line “It’s a combination of really talented, every one of those guys is a guy that can play at the next level; everyone of those guys is guy that dominates at this level. And they’re really well coached. They don’t make mistakes. They’re in the gap they’re supposed to be in. They’re really explosive in the run game. They know what to do in the pass game. It’s a great challenge. It think we all knew that before we looked at the film. The film backs up what we expected.”

On Coleman Shelton “Coleman, he now has officially played every position, so for him to go to center was only fitting. With that being said, he’s never flinched at what we’ve asked him to do. He’s a team first guy, always has been. He’s a natural center for us because he’s athletic first of all, a really, really good player, but also his leadership. He’s heard out there on the football field and we need a center that is heard.”

On the first team all-conference recognition for Trey Adams and Jake Eldrenkamp “Yeah, it was exciting. It’s been 15 years since we’ve had a First Team All-PAC-12/PAC-10 lineman around here. Those guys have worked really, really hard for it. You know, they’re not so much into the individual recognition, but I think that speaks to our group.”

How much will having a great defense benefit playing against a team like Alabama? “It helps a bunch. It’s helped us all season long. There is no easy yard out at practice and that’s good for us. Our defense, we feel really, really strongly about the types of players we have over there, the scheme they have. In terms of opponents we’ve faced this year, we haven’t seen anybody like Alabama.”

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