Open letter to all Husky fans

I, along with 3 others, have season tickets (our 2nd year) in the horseshoe about 15 rows up from the track.

I would consider us to be extreme Husky fans and alumni. We travel to at least one or two away games every season. We enjoy the games and are pumped up for every game. We are loud when needed on defense and high-five everyone within reach on great plays or touchdowns.

Pretty good so far, right?

Our problem is that the fans in the rows behind us are complaining (as they did last year) when we stand up and cheer on defensive plays. They were actually telling us to sit down when Michigan was on the 16 yard line with 3rd and 2 to go.

They were not yelling, cheering or saying much except "sit down". They complained to the aisle person who targeted our group (when several rows in front of us and beside us were also standing).

We were not being profane only trying to MAKE SOME NOISE. Near the end of the game, my friend was actually told he was gone - kicked out of a football game for cheering for your team!

He did not leave since the entire section stood at that point.

We did not stand for the entire game and personally don't understand why it is wrong to stand and cheer for your team especially when the cheerleaders are telling everyone to get on their feet. I was upset after our thrilling win that I could not enjoy the moment, because of the stress caused by threats that we would have to leave the game because of our enthusiasm.

The most disturbing part was that when you looked around, there were MANY people standing and cheering. For some reason, the folks behind us could not understand that. It may have been different if they were sitting and making some noise, but they were sitting with their mouths shut. I know we are going to have to deal with this at every home game. I really do not want to get kicked out.

Here is the question: Are we wrong in trying to motivate the crowd to participate in the game with some noise?

In any sporting event, when the crowd gets on their feet, that is usually acknowledged as a sign that the crowd is excited about the game.

Should we just sit down and conform to the dull crowd or do we have the right to stand during key points in the game? That question is a bit biased, but I'd like any advice on this. Thanks for your help.

Suzanne Burgess - Husky season ticket holder Top Stories