Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

Media Day Choice Cuts - Washington Offense

With all the interviews done Thursday at Washington's Peach Bowl Media Day event, it was time to go through and find the choice cuts, the great quotes you want to read about. Up next, the UW offensive players and coaches.

Coleman Shelton

On interacting with the Alabama players - “We saw them at the MLK Museum and we saw them again at the College Football Playoff. Try not to think about it too much. They are still on the other side of the room.”

Anyone jump out at you while visiting the College Football Hall of Fame? - “Lincoln Kennedy was in there, Steve Emtman, Don James. It was fun to see those guys.”

Nick Harris 

If I had told you a year ago you’d be starting games, would you have believed me? - “Not at all. Blessed to have the opportunity to play and just soaking in all the things you get to do and the stage we’re at right now. It’s been exciting. I didn’t really come in with a plan of starting any games or even playing, but just got the opportunity and took a chance at camp and did what I had to do. The coaches saw something in me so I just took it and ran with it.”

What’s your weight? - “276. Obviously I’m a lot lighter than the other linemen but I use my technique to make up for size. In the offseason I’m going to try and get to 290, around 290. A good weight, a healthy weight. Not too much fat. But 290, though.”

One play that stands out? - “It was at Utah and I had a reach block and I just finished the guy. That was the moment where I was like, yeah. I can play at this level. I can really get stuff done.”

On being the small guy - “Everybody sends pictures of me on tv, and I’m like six inches shorter than Trey (Adams). I feel a little short next to him but I’m used to it now.”

Darrell Daniels

What was the milkshake competition like? - “We had a couple linemen go out there and make some milkshakes and we actually lost that competition, honestly. But they did the best they could. We eventually won the belt, the whole bowl game belt.”

On the karting - “I won my heat. I don’t know about everybody else, can’t speak for everybody else. We won that event as a team too.”

On the best basketball player on the team - “I’d have to say Kevin King. He’s probably the best. He’s got a little bounce. He can dunk on somebody! Byron Murphy’s pretty good too, but he didn’t execute how I thought he was. His shot was a little off. He was kind of nervous out there. 

On being ready to play right now - “Yeah, I’m ready to play. We’ll strap it up right now. Any time, any place.”

On seeing Sark or Tosh Lupoi - “I ran into Tosh. I haven’t seen Sark. He must be hiding from us, I feel like (laughs). Tosh definitely came up and said hi to us and it was definitely great to see that guy. We had a previous relationship. He was recruiting me hard out of high school so it’s still the same relationship, picked up right when he left.”

On being around the Alabama players - “That’s just the game tension. There’s a lot of mean mugs going on, lot of frowny faces. It’s just the nature of the game. We’re two great opponents facing each other and we can’t wait to play on Saturday.”

Chico McClatcher

So who is bigger in Federal Way - you or Kenny Mayne? - “I still think Kenny is, honestly. He’s a great dude being around with him. It was fun doing that whole tour with him. It was kind of funny. We went to my first area where I practiced at and all the places I hung out at when I was a little kid. It was a great experience to be in with Kenny Mayne.”

What has stood out so far this week? - “I kind of like the MLK thing when we went to the church and it was very inspirational. We saw how much work he put in to make a change in the world for everybody of different races. It was very inspirational to me and the whole team and I’m very thankful we got to see those people that worked with him and experienced what he went through.”

Dante Pettis 

How’s your throwing arm? - “Good! I had to ice it. I’ve been overusing it a little bit.”

Who gives you the most advice on how to throw? - “Coach Hamdan. He thinks he’s the best quarterback to ever live. This guy too, Aaron Fuller. He thinks he knows how to throw the ball a little bit.”

On playing hoops - “I had a different strategy than everyone else. There are certain points for the spots we could get. Layups were one point and shooting behind the three-point line was five points. Everyone was shooting from three, a couple people were making them. I just decided - why not just make the layups? Make every single layup and get as many points as you can. Connor Griffin got the most points, like 28 or something like that. Me and Byron (Murphy) got 20 points. It was a lot of fun.”

On Trey Adams hunting bear - “I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen a bear, other than the zoo. I have gotten into wilderness stuff lately. I do like the outdoors. Being in Seattle you’re around it all the time. You’re no more than 30 minutes away, so I have been talking to them about going hunting. I would love to go. But I don’t know if I would start off with hunting bear. I don’t know if I could do that right away.”

On the team’s culture clash - “It’s crazy. You’ll be in the locker room and people will be fighting over the aux cord, who will be playing the music. There will be country music playing, someone goes and switches it out for some rap music. It’s a lot of fun. It’s hilarious.”

Chris Strausser

On Nick Harris - “He’s done a really good job for us all season long since he got here of just being dialed in to what we’ve asked him to do. He works really hard at it. Obviously we all feel he’s pretty athletic but there’s a lot more to him than that. Very competitive kid, takes a lot of pride in how he does. He’s a team guy all the way, he’ll do whatever we ask him to do. His preparation for a true freshman has been really, really good this year. He’s younger than the young guys this year. He just turned 18 maybe a month ago, so a pretty unique kid. But he’s proven he can play at this level and we’re excited to have a good future with him.”

What do you see from Alabama’s front seven? - “Very good all the way across the board. Very athletic. I think everybody recognizes that. But they’re not just athletic. I think they take their coaching really well. They don’t make a lot of mistakes. They are in the gaps they are supposed to be. They play very, very motivated. They are not one of those teams that, when it’s going good they play hard, when it’s going bad they don’t. They just play hard. It’s impressive.”

What do you have to do to contain them? - “We have to do what we’ve done most of the year. We’ve got to play good assignment football, good technique football and compete our butts off.”

Do they compare to USC at all? - “It’s hard to compare teams to each other, they’re just different. No. I think our defense is really, really good and we see them every day. They are just different. They have different body types, so it’s hard to compare defenses to each other.”

On being down here this long - “I think our guys are anxious to play but we knew going in we were going to have a whole week’s worth of work to do so it hasn’t been too bad so far. It’s been pretty good.” Top Stories