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Ask Dawgman - Peach Bowl Edition

ATLANTA - With one day left in 2016, it's time to release the final edition of Ask Dawgman. It's been a heckuva ride, covering the Washington Huskies this year, but as always there's more questions than answers as Chris Petersen keeps the purple and gold train moving forward.

Do you think Jake Browning stays all 4 years? 

I do. In this day and age of quarterbacks jumping early, I think Chris Petersen can make a great case for why Browning would benefit from another year of coaching and strength training. Fact is, he just has to get bigger, faster, and stronger. His body has to keep maturing to take the NFL pounding. And by giving him another year on the field, you also hopefully get him surrounded by more mature players in a program that continues to develop talent. 

In your opinion, what were the reasons that caused Wedington to decommit?

Connor Wedington had been committed to Washington for so long, I suspect he didn’t think there were other options out there available to him. At the same time he clearly didn’t shut the process down fully, or else he wouldn’t have gone through the Stanford applications process, not exactly something you just throw together at the last minute. So ultimately, in my opinion, he decommitted because of the perception of a Stanford education, and the fact that he probably wasn’t 100 percent settled in his mind because he hadn’t experienced anything in the recruiting process outside of Washington. 

Assuming Victor leaves early, who are our three starting LBs?

Though Washington plays multiple defensive fronts, their base defense (per their depth charts) is a 4-3. So that means the strong side outside linebacker (SAM), weak side inside linebacker (WIL) and the middle linebacker (MIK). For the Peach Bowl, the SAM will be Psalm Wooching, the WIL will be Keishawn Bierria, and the MIK will be DJ Beavers. With Wooching graduating and Bierria most likely back for 2017, the starting linebackers for next season would be Tevis Bartlett at SAM, Bierria at WIL and Beavers and MIK. If Bierria leaves, Ben Burr-Kirven could take over his role, or Brandon Wellington - although Wellington has been taking a lot more turns at MIK since Victor’s injury. 

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I know it’s early, but how does the experience of the Peach Bowl compare to other bowl games you’ve been a part of? In terms of the week as a whole, not just matchup or outcome. 

Great question, and an easy answer. It’s been the best, by far, by a country mile. The hospitality, the friendliness, the availability of services, the overall experience has been tremendous. No disrespect to the other bowls, because they were great in their own right - but when you are covering a playoff semifinal, everything is bumped up a couple notches. That also means the work and the responsibilities, but I’m looking at it as a once-in-a-career opportunity. Another other chances I get to do this will be gravy. 

Give one song that sums up UW’s season to this point.

I’ll give you two songs. One from the past, one that is about the here and now. 

Television’s ‘Prove It’

Future’s ‘Purple Reign’ (sorry, had to go clean for the kiddies)

Of all the interns that have ever worked for Dawgman, who would be the last standing in ‘The Intern Hunger Games’? 

I suspect I know who asked this question. Lots of choices. I know who wouldn’t last the first day, and that’s Luke. Sorry Luke, but you need a couple years in the weight room to get bigger, faster, and stronger before you can hang with the big boys. Jon wouldn’t make it past day two because he’s just too picky of an eater and would starve to death. And I’d give a shout out to Molly, Henry, and Scott. They’d scrap for sure, and probably wouldn’t fight fair. But this is the Intern Hunger Games, right? All is fair game. If I had to speculate, I think it would be cage match to the death between Eric D. and Marshall after they took the cagey vet Joe to an untimely end. I’d pay two dollars to watch this movie. Top Stories