Romar Talks Progress, Washington State

Washington men's basketball coach Lorenzo Romar talks about the progress of his team and also gave a look ahead to what the Huskies will face on Sunday when they take on cross-state rival Washington State...

On being ready for the start of conference play: "I certainly hope so. It's here. Guys got to go home and come back, like always, so we've been getting after it for a week and we're ready to go."

On what they worked on over the break: "Just continued to work on details, things that we've done, adjustments that we've made with our team, trying to get better at those. We've just put them in so recently that this week was a good time to hone in and get those better developed a little more."

On the past couple of games: "I thought we put together three consecutive really good halves. The second half of the Seattle U game and the game before, against Cal-Poly. Those two, the second half of the Seattle U game, we won the game and played pretty well, but I think we played really well in the second half so I would say, yeah, there hasn't been a time this year that prior to that we had put together three out of four good halves."

On why he felt they were playing better: "As much as we talk about it, it's not an excuse, it's a fact that, with the exception of Malik (Dime), the rotation were freshman and sophomores and the sophomores were not feature players last year. They played, but they weren't the guys that were taking the big shots at the end of games and they weren't the guys that were making the big plays at the end of the game most of the time, so new roles for everyone on our team and I think what we saw was guys finally getting a feel for what we're trying to do here."

On David Crisp's last couple of games and why he's playing so well: "He's a good basketball player for starters. I think David's probably simplified the game. I think David is maturing and I think he picks his spots a little bit better. I think it's a rare occasion that he goes up to shoot the basketball that he's off-balance, he's usually pretty much on balance and I think that reflects in his shooting percentages. With David, last year his shooting percentage wasn't that high. I think he was off-balance with a lot of his shots, now he's doing a better job that way and he's playing with a lot of confidence. He knows where he's going to get shots and he knows where there are opportunities to make plays and he's not trying to force when the situation isn't there so less has become more with him."

On Crisp giving UW a spark: "He's definitely a spark-plug type of player. He has a flair for the dramatic when he plays."

On WSU PG Malachi Flynn: "Number one, coach (Ernie) Kent raves about him. From this summer, he was raving about him. Very cerebral point guard who can just shoot the basketball, flat out shoot the basketball, I think he's pretty poised for a freshman."

On WSU being more slow-down than Kent would like: "I think coach Kent's intent is to run, but I also think he has to coach to his personnel and I always think when he's had the personnel to run and the depth to do it, they've always done that, so I don't think he's changed his philosophy, I think he's just adjusted to the type of roster he has." Top Stories