Dickerson and Crisp Look Ahead To WSU Matchup

Husky sophomores Noah Dickerson and David Crisp look back at the improvement of their team over the non-conference schedule and they also look ahead to playing Washington State...

On being ready for conference play (Dickerson): "I think so. Non-conference didn't go exactly was we'd planned, but we started low and each game has been getting better and better and better and I feel like with this week of practice we've gotten a lot better and I think we've still got time to get better, but I do think we're ready for conference play and most of us have gone through it, this is our second time, so I think we understand what we're looking for and what we need to do to win."

On which side of the ball has improved the most (Dickerson): "On defense. We know we can out-score everybody, we're so talented there on the court, but it doesn't matter if you can't stop anybody so that's where we need to make our improvement."

On if this is just another basketball game or a big rivalry (Crisp): "It's just another basketball game on our schedule. You always have to take it one game at a time. The next game up is the biggest game for us. We're ready for it."

On WSU Malachi Flynn (Crisp): "He was like a young bull coming up. I always thought he was a lot younger than me, but I'd train with him. we would train and he just get better and better and I was like 'man, he's going to be a real good player' and then I saw that he had committed to Washington State and I was like 'alright, that's going to be cool, we trained and now we're going to be playing against each other' so it's going to be fun playing against him."

On WSU F Josh Hawkinson (Dickerson): "I think he had 30 (points) and 20 (rebounds) last year, something like that, but I remember he can shoot and he's real good in the post, we have just got to make sure it's not another career-game for him."

On Crisp's improvement since the Gonzaga game (Crisp): "Never again. I said I'll never perform like that again. I came back and got in the gym, talked to the people I needed to, prayed about it and I was like 'man, I gotta go out', ultimately it's up to me. I'm not going to let somebody go out there and stop me, it's all up to me, so I'm going to leave everything out there on the court."

On his confidence in the three point shot (Crisp): "It feels really good. My confidence is really high right now and that's mainly what shooting's all about so my confidence is good right now. My teammates and coaches believe in me, so I'll keep knocking them down when they're there."

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