Post Game Video - Chico McClatcher

Here's what WR Chico McClatcher had to say following Washington's loss to Alabama in the Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl...

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How good is that defense? “They’re as good as advertised. Great front seven. Good back end with the DBs. We failed to execute, gave up the ball, and they took advantage of our offense.”

Did it get frustrating? “It did, especially with the pressure they were bringing. Jake (Browning) couldn’t really set his feet and make his reads while he was in the pocket. It was frustrating.”

On the Alabama punter pinning UW all game “Oh yeah, definitely. Especially when our defense does a great job of holding them back, but their punter was kicking on the spot, punting on the spit really. He’s a great punter.”

How much does field poison change the game plan? “It changes it a lot because we were really on our 10, on our 15, on our 20, and we just couldn’t get things going on offense. It really hurt us with that field position.”

What did you learn from this game? “Really just to be a better technician at wide receiver and take this game and soak it in. Get ready for next year.”

Are you ready to take on a leadership role as a junior? “Yeah, definitely. I really am. I just want to start right now in the weight room for winter workouts and just get ready for next year. I’m ready to take on that leadership role as a junior and help my team win.”

Do you need time off to heal or are you ready to go? “Honestly, right now I”m ready to go, but then again we do need time to heal up. It’ll give us that time and once we get back it’s on and going and we’ll get ready for next year.”

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