Post Game Video - Trey Adams

Here's what OT Trey Adams had to say following Washington's loss to Alabama in the Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl...

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Is this as physical a game you’ve played in a long time? “Yeah. They were really strong and what you would think an Alabama defense is. It was a good challenge. We didn’t play good enough.”

What does this game do for you in the offseason? “It fuels our fire more. We got this far and we lost, so that kind of sucks. I think anything is possible with this team and next year as well.”

Do you think this offseason can be as helpful as last year’s offseason? “Yeah, coach Petersen is always telling us how we jump started the program to where it is now with this team right here. I think next year is going to be fun. From now on it’s just workouts and stuff. We had a great year regardless. PAC-12 champs. Would have loved to beat Alabama, but happy.”

Is it mixed emotions? “It’s kind of bittersweet. We came this far. We had a great season but we still lost, so that sucks. 12-2. I love all these guys. Especially the seniors.”

What was the game plan coming in? “We just had some of our best plays from the year just kind of multiplied. We had three weeks to prepare. Just kind of put a jumble of our best plays. They were solid, like we thought they would be.”

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