Post Game Video - Budda Baker

Here's what Budda Baker had to say following Washington's loss to Alabama in the Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl...

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“No not at all. We knew it was going to be a battle of the defenses. That was it. Alabama’s defense got two turnovers, our defense got no turnovers. That was a big thing as well. Credit both defenses. Bama got the win.”

How key were the missed opportunities at turnovers? “Those were really key. We talk about getting the ball out. Alabama fumbled a lot but they recovered a lot of their balls. Credit them. We couldn’t get the ball. On the stat line it says zero turnovers.”

How big will this off season be for you guys? “It’s going to be big. Everyone just has to take each day day by day and get ready for the next year.”

How physical was that compared to others you’ve played? “It was a very physical game. We knew they had talented backs, talented big backs, and they were just going to just run forward. Not a lot of shaking. Just run forward and try to run you over. We had a lot of circuits on tackling low, because we knew they were big guys. Tackling low, wrapping up, and everything else would take care of itself.”

How close were you to hitting Hurts enough to alter his play? “You never know because he still kept running, he still was fast, wasn’t limping, wasn’t hurting. He did a great job running the ball and scrambling with the ball.”

How much pride do you take in bringing the program back? “I mean it’s a cool thing to take them back to where we should belong. At the end of the day we lost and tried to win real hard.”

On the defensive performance “We always talk about defense wins championships, and we had a couple bad plays and that led to touchdowns.”

On keeping the offense in the game by making stops “Yeah. We only can control what we can control as a defense - the defensive guys on the defensive field. So we’re just trying to stop, score, and get the ball back to the offense.”

On pinning Alabama back on the two yard line, but allowing them to drive 98 yards “Yeah, that was a back breaker. At the end of the day we always talk about it’s the next play. Don’t let them take our souls from us. Keep playing until zeros on the clock.”

On playing the #1 team in the country “They have a great offense. Wasn’t really throwing the ball a lot. It’s just a matter of us coming down and making tackles, making tackles on the running backs and making tackles on Jalen Hurts. That’s what we had to do.”

What do you plan on doing from here? “Yeah, I’ll talk to my family and hopefully soon have a decision.”

Is there a bittersweet feeling to this season? “Especially for the seniors, like you said. For us it’s just trying to get better each year. We made it this far and unfortunately we got the loss. Next year is going to be a good year.”

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