Post Game Video - Keishawn Bierria

Here's what Washington LB Keishawn Bierria had to say following Washington's loss to Alabama in the Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl...

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Did you expect a low scoring, hard fought game? “Defensively yeah we expected this to happen. As far as game planning, we game planned them pretty well. We knew what they wanted to do. We just had to execute on another level. One more step forward.”

On the bowl game experience “They’re a good team. To beat good teams you have to be clicking on all cylinders. That’s where we lost our match.”

Is this a bittersweet end to the season? “Yeah definitely don’t want to lose your last game. It’s not bittersweet because we had a goal this year, and that was to win it all. We didn’t succeed in that goal. All that means is we’re just getting back to work now.”

Will this offseason be as impactful as last offseason? “Yeah. There’s no question. The offseason we had was great this year. That’s the standard. Now we’re pushing past that. There’s no way we’re going to come back and just have the same offseason and have the same outcome. We’re going to always going to go harder, push harder, because we know we can go harder. Hopefully next year we have a different outcome.”

Are you on the verge of being on the Alabama level? “I feel like we are at that level already. We just have to execute a little more.”

How much does this stay with you? “I mean it’s processed. It’s going to stay with us forever. Everybody I talk to, they talk about never making it to a Rose Bowl. That sticks with you. The fact that we made it here and the fact that a lot of guys are leaving and a lot of guys have a chance to come back, that’s definitely going to be in your mind. We have to do better than we did last year. That’s just what we’re going to do.”

What does this say about where you are? “I feel like we’re headed in the right direction. A lot of us invested most of our time and pretty much our energy and everything into this team. Just creating bonds and relationships that are unbreakable. That’s a positive. That’s where we have to keep going. Just making sure everybody is on the same mindset when we step into a stadium.”

How hard to bring down was Bo Scarbrough? “He was pretty cool, but it was just a fact that we didn’t get him all the way on the ground. We were making our hits on him, but I didn’t see him just run anybody completely over.”

Did you were getting worn down as a defense? “I feel like as a defense we were prepared to go into the fourth quarter. We said it was going to be a defensive battle and we were ready for that. We were ready to play five quarters, six quarters. Whatever we had to do to play. I don’t think any of my guys got worn down. I feel like everybody was still sharp and on their game.”

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