Post Game Video - Jojo McIntosh

Here's what S Jojo McIntosh had to say following Washington's loss to Alabama in the Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl...

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On a tough game “Yeah it was. We came out there. We fought. We left everything out there. Didn’t turn out how we wanted. Yeah, it was tough.”

On the defensive performance “We knew what their offense was going to do. We watched a lot of film. We knew that they were going to try to get outside of us and do a lot of QB runs. Our defense, they really stepped up. Everybody.”

On the Alabama offensive line “They were pretty big. I still think that we have the best defensive line in the nation.”

On the Alabama running backs running through tackles “We just had a few missed tackles and they let two big plays. Overall I think my brothers, they did a really good job keeping everybody in and tackling.”

What are you going to take from this year to next year? “Just move forward. Like I’ve been telling everybody, next year let’s just go. Don’t think about past. We just have to keep getting better. As soon as we get back, it’s back to work.”

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