Post Game Video - Kevin King

Here's what DB Kevin King had to say following Washington's loss to Alabama in the Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl...


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On the game “A few plays here and there and that game could have gone another way. I’m excited to see this team moving forward.”

On Bo Scarbrough “Yeah. All their running backs run hard. You have to tackle them low and wrap up.”

On Budda Baker’s missed chance at an interception “That was a great play by Budda (Baker). It was awkward the way he turned around. The ball was right there. We scored on that drive so that wouldn’t have made a difference anyways.”

On the missed opportunity at recovering a fumble “Yeah, that was definitely one that I wish we would have got. That would have gave our offense some good field position and hopefully we could have gotten some points on board or at least try to get three on the board. That would have bene huge.”

When will you be able to appreciate what you did this season? “I’m sure people are doing that now. For every win or loss we get a 24 hour rule. We either mourn or celebrate for 24 hours, then it’s over with. I think everybody is proud of the way we played this whole season. I know I definitely am. I’m proud of all my teammates from top to bottom. I wouldn’t want to be on any other team. Not many seniors in the country can say they went out the way I did. I’m happy and I’m blessed.”

On the program coming all this way to be in this position “It’s huge. Coming in, my 2013 class was definitely something that we had at the top of our goals. To try to get this program back to the top, back to the way that it was in the early 90s and stuff like that. I think we definitely did that. The way we played this year I think everybody will remember this team and this year. I’m glad to be a part of one of those teams. Of course we wanted to get it done and of course that was our main goal. We never thought for a second that we couldn’t get this done. I don’t want that to go out there. I’m proud.”

What do you see for the future of this program? “I think they’re going to move it up again. With the type of underclassmen that we have, the type of skill that we have and the type of mindset that everybody has, getting a year like this under your belt, when you play in big games like this, playing in the PAC-12 Championship and playing against Alabama, I think they’re going to go in with that same chip on their shoulder. I hope they come back humble so they can rebuild and start from the beginning. At the same time I hope they have that confidence and swagger to know that we are the best.”

Do you feel like you’re right there with Alabama? “Of course. I think on the defensive side I think we definitely played good enough to win. Of course we wanted to get some turnovers. That’s something we pride our defense on, getting turnovers. Yeah. I think we played great out there. Offense, a few plays here and there and I think it could have been a different ball game.”

On missed chances at turnovers “Things like that we have to cash in. It think Budda’s was a little awkward because he turned around right into it. That was a good play. Like I said before, we scored on that drive anyways. That’s not really that game changing. When we get a chance to get fumbles like that, that’s definitely something we would like to get back, getting those fumbles and what not. Like I said man, I’m proud. I think we earned some respect from a lot of people out there.”

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