Post Game Video - Lorenzo Romar

Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar talks following Washington's 79-74 loss to Washington State in their Pac 12 opener...

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On the loss “We did not play well enough to get it done. Very unfortunate.”

On the final three minutes of the game “The last three minutes of the first half became kind of the beginning of our downfall. We were in pretty good control of the game at that point and didn’t take good shots; our shot selection wasn’t good and they crept back into a seven point game, they gained a little confidence and they came back. That continued so we put ourselves in a position where those last few minutes, now here we go. We were up four and it came down to we didn’t guard the ball screen properly. I thought in the first half we did a very good job, very good job of guarding everything. But there were breakdowns in the second half. And down those last stretches ball screen defense broke down.”

What should have been different guarding the ball screen? “We were supposed to send Malachi (Flynn) the other way. The help was the other direction and we ended up not being able to get there. Therefore our help wasn’t in position as much as it should have been. You design your defense of a ball screen to send it a certain way. We weren’t able to do that.”

On free throw struggles “I think going into the game we were number one in feudal goal percentage three point shooting team in the country but we shot 18 a game. I thought tonight we settled. We shot too many threes. Consequently we didn’t get tot foul line. They scored 44 points in the paint and we didn’t get in the paint as much as we should have. We didn’t finish as well in the paint. If you’re not attacking in that regard you’re not going to get to the line as much.”

Did you want Markelle Fultz to take the shots he did at the end of the game? “Any time we get Markelle Fultz in the lane taking shots, that’s beautiful. Didn’t get them to go down.”

How did this game influence momentum? “Our next game we’re playing a team that was picked to win the league and preseason was a top 10 team that right now is playing as of good basketball as anyone in the league. We certainly didn’t set ourselves up to come into this game with this type of opponent with any kind of momentum, that’s for sure. It’s a conference game. You start to gain momentum in conference. It’s one game, but it’s a game that you feel like you should have done a better job out there. We have a tough challenge coming up. Like I always say, we will regroup. We’ll come back. I think our guys will be up for the challenge to play against a very good Oregon team and try to regain that momentum.”

How good was Markelle Fultz tonight? “He was good. There was a stretch where we just couldn’t quite get over the hump and take the lead. He made a lot of plays down the stretch. He’s going that well you figure you just continue to go to him down the stretch. As you mentioned, he got in the lane; he just couldn’t convert. Markelle, he did a lot. We just didn’t play a start game tonight. There were just too many ill-advised turnovers. We only turned it over five times in the first half. In the second half there were just too many opportunities that we gave away by not taking care of the basketball or poor shot selection.”

On WSU’s run to start the second half “We turned the ball over two of our first three possessions if I recall. At that point, we put our head downs a little bit and made it easier for them to score. And we go on a drought and we couldn’t really score. But it started with coming out of the locker room not taking care of the basketball.”

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