Post Game Video - Fultz and Dickerson

Husky G Markelle Fultz and F/C Noah Dickerson discuss Washington's 79-74 loss to Washington State in their Pac 12 opener...

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Markelle Fultz

On the loss “I think every loss is a frustrating loss. You always want to win. I feel like it was the stuff that we did that made us lose, just the little things. It’s hurting, but like I always say you have to learn from this game. We have a quick turnaround so we have to go to the next game and prepare for that.”

Was something different in the second half that made it harder to get open shots? “I don’t think so. I think we just missed shots. That was a difference. We were making shots in the beginning. In the second half, some of our shots weren’t falling that we usually make. We had to find different things to do. We were still looking for the same thing - an open man to make the shot - we just weren’t making our shots.”

Did you know you were close to a triple double “I wasn’t really aware about that. I was just playing. I don’t really look at stats ever. I was just playing basketball, trying to get the W. We fell today, so that’s all that matters.”

Noah Dickerson

On the loss “Learn from our mistakes.”

On the slow start to the second half “One thing, we’ve been saying this since last year, we’re a one half team. One half we bring it, the other half we struggle. The same thing today. We jumped on them first. First half we were everywhere. Second half we struggled. You can’t play basketball like that and win in college. You just can’t do that. We just have to just learn.”

On difficulty stopping Malachi Flynn “We decided that we were downing the ball screens because Washington State does a great job exploiting when we switch and our mismatches. On those plays it’s hard because they send the other man, the stunt man, to the corner and that’s a hard stunt for them to run all the way back to the top like that if he drags me all the way down. He got me at the end, but David (Crisp) wasn’t getting caught. He was jumping in the down and he’s coming and I can’t stay for that long because Josh (Hawkinson) can shoot. That just killed us twice in a row. Did it when it counted.”

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