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Romar, Dickerson talk about Oregon

Lorenzo Romar and Noah Dickerson spoke Tuesday ahead of their Wednesday league tilt versus Oregon as the Washington Huskies try and find some answers for a struggling basketball team.

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Lorenzo Romar

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How the team handled the loss to WSU? “I don’t know. How we handled it and how we felt are probably two different things. I thought we handled it relatively well considering the circumstances. No one was pleased. No one was indifferent. We didn’t like what happened. We had no one to blame but ourselves. But I thought we did come back and we tried to get some things done yesterday and I thought we did.”

On the drop off defensively in the last two minutes against WSU “Was not there. That one caught us off guard because even when Washington State, who did a tremendous job in that game of coming back and winning the game, even when they made their run, a lot of that was do to our turnovers and shot selection. I still don’t think we were playing poor defense. They got some run-outs because of our offense. Our offense kind of helped their offense. Then we guarded I believe six - before the 2:41 mark, before they went on their run - we had stopped them six out of seven times. Six out of seven times we had gotten stops. That’s winning basketball down the stretch. That’s what you want. All of a sudden it was just a collapse defensively. It was hard to get stop down the stretch.”

Did WSU run the same play repeatedly down the stretch? “No not really. We just guarded it differently. We didn’t execute the way we were supposed to guard it. There was supposed to be more help that last shot. For whatever reason, put that on me, we weren’t whatever word we want to use - I guess we just didn’t get it done. Just didn’t get it done there.”

Have you made the progress you’ve wanted to since the Gonzaga loss? “I think we’ve made defensive progress, but we haven’t made it to the point where we are consistent with it yet. I thought we’ve now - I thought the tally went to four. Four straight halves where we’ve played much better basketball. The second half of Cal Poly, the Seattle U game, and then the first half against WSU. I thought defensively we had made progress. I thought offensively we were a lot more efficient. So, yeah I think we’ve made progress.”

What can you say about Markelle Fultz’ positive attitude and is it rare for a guy that good? “Extremely rare. Especially as a freshman with so much placed on his shoulders. He definitely has an even temperament. A lot of people aren’t aware, his great grandmother had passed here recently over the holidays and it was really, really hard for him. A couple of practices we had you could just see his mind was back somewhere else, to be expected. But yet he went out and competed in the game and the fact that he’s on his way back now, he’s had to go back to the funeral. So he hasn’t practiced with us. Right after the WSU game he got on a flight and went back and he’ll be back for the game tomorrow. I think it will be typical of him. He’ll come out and probably no one will no one will know what’s going on in his mind or what just happened in his life.”

Is there an example of him supporting his teammates in a time of frustration? “I don’t remember when he wasn’t doing that. It’s just kind of how he’s been the entire time. Away from this floor he’s trying to encourage his teammates to continue to fight, which is a good thing.”

On Dillon Brooks “Dillon Brooks is as fierce a competitor as anyone in this league right now. He’s playing with a lot of confidence, you can just see he has that edge to him out there on that basketball floor that just kind of lifts his team up. You can just see it in his eyes when he’s out there playing. it’s nothing that’s manufactured, it’s nothing that’s fake; that’s just how he goes about his business.”

On Oregon’s depth “They have multiple guys that can go out and score a lot of points for their team. They’re an impressive team, no doubt about it.”

Will Markelle Fultz be limited at all against Oregon? “No. In terms of minutes played and all that, no.”

Why has the series with Oregon shifted the past few years? “Coach Altman, I think he’s one of the finest coaches in the country for starters. I think what they were able to do early on to get it going, they were able to get older guys. They were able to get old quick. They had some returners that were still there. They were able to get some fifth year transfers and some other transfers to where they -they didn’t go through the process where they were young and had to build it up. Immediately they were able to stay old and put there scheme in. They did that for a few years and then they would sprinkle in a young high school recruit here and there. Then they got to the point where now they’re getting high school. Now they’re able to build and be old naturally without having to go get the transfers even though I’m sure they’ll still be in contention for some others. That’s kind of from the outside looking in what I’ve seen how they’ve been able to do such a good job and get that done. And it seems like it was done strategically. They just didn’t fall into that.”

Does the team sense urgency? “The way I would answer that question is I think our guys were shocked that we didn’t get it done. I don’t think that we walked out on this floor with so much confidence that nobody could beat us. I don’t think we felt like that at all. Just if you let down fro a moment at this level you can come out on the short end of the stick. I think that’s our guys just kind of felt like we’ll be fine, we’ll be fine. Whether we let our guard down, got distracted, whatever it is, we didn’t close that game out in either half. I thought the first half was the beginning of the run that they had going into the second half, we didn’t close it out. Then just a very tough lesson to learn for a young group. The guys that are back this year were not the key guys last year. The key guys are gone. Now it’s an opportunity to step up and be the key guy in those situations and we learned a hard lesson in those situations that you just can’t let up. Whatever way you want to phrase it that’s probably the biggest lesson we learned. We have to bring it the entire time.”

On Nathan Hale “Paying close attention. I don’t know how much I can comment on the situation, but looks okay to me.”

Noah Dickerson

On the mood of the team after the loss to WSU “I mean, I guess bad hangover. Nobody thought that - what happened happened. Short turnaround. We just have to forget about tit. What’s done is done and move on and move forward. We have another team tomorrow to play and prepare for them. I think everybody is okay.”

What happened against WSU? “I did actually watch (the film) after the game. We took some bad shots. We took some bad shots on consecutive possessions and it just kept leading into their run. Every team - it’s basketball - every team makes a run and they made theirs and they got up big. It’s a lot of just our negligence with the ball and the shots that we took that led to it.”

On defensive struggles at the end of the WSU game “Honestly I don have an answer to that. You’re right. Watching the film, you’re right. I really don’t have an answer to that.”

How do you reset after losing your first conference game? “Just have a short term memory. There are a lot of games. We’ll see them again. Just take it one game at a time. The other game is over with. Can’t do anything. Just think about the next one. From now on we just have to understand that every game is important. I feel like we started building on the lead against Washington State and we kind of started settling and we started taking bad shots. We just have to move past it and just keep getting better.”

How close are you guys from putting together a full 40 minutes? “I think it’s always been in our reach. It think we just have to do it. We always talk about it. We can only talk so much. We just have to go out there and we have to do it. I know we can do it. We do it in practice all the time. I don’t know why we just haven’t. We can do it. I know we can.”

How much do you think you’ve developed since the Gonzaga game? “A lot. A lot. A lot. We haven’t put together a 40 minute consecutive game but it’s showing more and more. We’re understanding what people’s tendencies are on the team and where they’re goo and what they’re good at. I feel like the chemistry is getting there. The defense is the big part and that’s getting there too. It’s getting a lot better than it was before.”

How frustrating has it been to develop but not being able to get results? “It’s frustrating because we practice it everyday. It just has it all thinking why can’t we do it? We sit there and we just think about it all the time. Why can’t we do it? Still thinking. At the end of the day we just have to stop talking. At the end of the day you just have to do it. You have to want to do it.”

What’s the key to getting a shot off against a good shot blocker “Minimizing the space. If I go up and there’s little space between us he has a chance to go up and go get it. If I go into him, he’ll be going backwards or he’ll be misplaced and it will give me a little half second to get the ball up so he can’t get to it.” Top Stories