Fultz, Crisp eager to hit the road

Markelle Fultz and David Crisp, fresh off Washington's 87-61 win Saturday over Oregon State, talked about their eagerness to hit the road for the first time in Pac-12 play. They take on the California Golden Bears Thursday at 6 pm.

David Crisp

Do you think you found something last game? “We saw what we want to do and stuff. If we can pick the pace up and speed teams up and turn teams over; we’ll try to do that more.”

Have you talked to Markelle Fultz or any other freshman about going on the road in the PAC-12? “Yeah. Every team is at their best. We’ve had road games we’ve played already. I told them it’s kind of like the Gonzaga one. Pretty sure he has a feel of what away games feel like.”

Do you think you guys are more equipped to win a road game than you were when you played Gonzaga? “Yeah. I feel like we’ve gotten better every week. From that, we took that, learned from it, being on the road at TCU. We learned from that. I think we’re feeling pretty good going into it.”

What’s changed for you lately? “I just try to be more vocal, be more of a leader and just try to look to get guys going with whatever I can do. They see me distributing the ball a lot or being real vocal, hasty trying to get guys to see somebody out there going hard. Hopefully that will translate to them coming with me.”

Is it harder being the facilitator or the scorer? “They’re both huge. Both huge positions to be in. I don’t really feel like one of them is harder than the other. However the game is presenting itself to me, that’s how I play.”

Markelle Fultz

Do people feel better after getting the first conference win? “We feel better. Of course a win is going to bring everybody some joy, but we also learned a lot of things from that game that we still need to work on even though we won. So we’re just getting better each and every day in practice. We’re looking to push each other in practice and work on things to make us the best team that we can possibly. We’re still happy from that last win but we’re moving on.”

What do you see from Cal? “It’s away, so that’s going to be a challenge first of all. They have great players, bigs, and stuff like that. We’re going to start going over the game plan and start working for that.”

Do you know anybody from Cal? “No.”

Was it scary tweaking your ankle against OSU? “Kind of. I rolled my ankle. That’s not my first time rolling it, but the way I rolled it it just felt a little weird and it just hurt a lot, so that’s why you saw me rolling around and stuff. I’m fine and I’m practicing so I’m good.”

Did you have to sit out at all because of it? “No.”

How are you adjusting to the college game? “It’s great. It’s a great experience. I have fun every time I step out on the floor with these guys in practice or even when we’re going out to eat just as a team. it’s just been great, just the atmosphere and stuff like that.”

How have you been able to keep scoring well as teams continue to develop more detailed scouting reports on you? “Just working out on my own and then just coming to practice and these guys challenging me. They play with me almost every day so they know probably what I’m going to do better than any other team that scouts me because they see me play around in the gym and do all the crazy stuff that I do. When they come to practice and really push me hard and take off my right hand, my left, and they double team me and stuff like that it just makes me better, so when we play any other team it won’t effect me.”

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