Commitment Impact - Joe Tryon

Washington received some good news to start the weekend when Joe Tryon, a 6-foot-5, 230-pound athlete from Hazen High in Renton, flipped his verbal commitment from Washington State to Washington. But what does it mean?

What to like

Tons to like about this commitment. Washington is in stockpile mode right now when it comes to outside linebackers/rush ends. That means they can take some projects, especially local kids. And Tryon has a ton of untapped potential. Physically he’s just the kind of size Pete Kwiatkowski wants in his hybrid OLB/DE’s, and at his size he can really run. Give him a couple years with Tim Socha locked in Washington’s strength and conditioning program and see how he develops physically. He could be a 250-plus freak that has kept every bit of his speed and ability to cover in space.

Here is a link to his senior HUDL film.   

What needs work

Just needs more turns…lots and lots of turns. He was a great player on a poor Hazen team, so he was the biggest fish in a rather small pond. After beating rival Renton to start the season, the Highlanders lost a few close games, but only won one other game all season. As a big hybrid defender, Tryon will need to hone his craft off the line of scrimmage and show that he can play in space. He’ll spend most of his time up at the line of scrimmage, but he just has to show that he can master the playbook and ramp up his development. If he can, there’s no doubt he can create havoc in opposing backfields. 

Where he fits 

Washington has recruited Tryon as a BUCK, so he’ll be in the outside linebacker group that also includes Benning Potoa’e, Connor O’Brien, Amandre Williams, Jusstis Warren, Bryce Sterk and Myles Rice. Depending on how his body comes along, he could play at either the BUCK or SAM, but his pass-rushing ability demands a look at BUCK to start. 

How he impacts 2017 class

Short-term, Tryon doesn’t impact the class much at all. It's hard to know whether or not Tryon was offered late due to another 2017 prospect deciding to commit somewhere else or if there's additional attrition to the current UW squad. Either way, it didn't take long for Tryon to pull the trigger and accept the offer. 

Just based on the bodies in front of him at BUCK, it’s unlikely Tryon will be in a position to challenge for turns as a true frosh. Long term Tryon is an incredibly intruiging athlete who has a chance to play in the mold of a Martin Harrison, Kai Ellis or a bigger Travis Feeney. 

The Bottom Line

Tryon’s get is important for a few reasons. First, it’s always nice to steal a player from your cross-state rival. The Huskies did it before with Bishop Sankey, and hopefully Tryon has the same type of impact Sankey did in the purple and gold. 

Secondly, taking big athletes that can run and have unlimited upside should always be looked at favorably - just like Tumwater’s Cade Otton. 

And lastly, it’s keeping a stud home to play in front of friends and family. People get sick and tired of hearing about a ‘fence’, but after Foster Sarell’s announcement to Stanford, the idea of keeping players inside the ‘fence’ continues to have importance. Local kids have always been the heartbeat of all the great UW teams, and keeping the top guys home sends a strong signal to the rest of the conference - get out, and stay out. Top Stories