Norgaard Talks About Commitment To UW

Washington hauled in their second offensive linemen in the 2017 class over the weekend when St. Mary's (Stockton, Ca.) OT Cole Norgaard made the decision to be a Dawg, but it wasn't the talented lineman that the Huskies had to put the most work in on...

"I was pretty sold from the get-go, but my mom was the one they had to convince a little more," Norgaard said with a chuckle. "She wasn't sure she wanted me to go too far away, but coach (Chris) Petersen spent a lot of time talking to her and I think that made her feel better about me leaving home.

"On Saturday, when we were all at dinner, I told my mom 'I think this is where I want to go' and, it's funny, coach Petersen overheard me and he got all excited and my mom said she was happy for me and that she was good with me committing."

With his decision, rising prospect is the second linemen in the class, joining Skyline (Sammamish, Wa.) OL Henry Bainivalu.

"I talked a lot with coach (Chris) Strausser and he said they'll start me out at tackle, but if they need to move me, they feel like I could be successful almost anywhere," Norgaard noted. "I'll play wherever they see me fitting in best and I'm just excited to be part of the program."

Norgaard said his first trip to Seattle was a huge success and he recapped how his visit went.

"It was really the first time I had met coach Strausser in person and it was great to meet him and spend a lot of time with him," Norgaard said. "I really like him a lot and feel like he's going to be able to help me develop into the best player possible.

"John Turner was my host and he was a good guy. We got along pretty well. 

"It was kinda awkward early on when I met the other recruits that were there because they all seemed to know each other pretty well, but by the end of it, we were all cool with each other. 

"I talked a lot with Ty Jones and Salvon Ahmed and they made me feel at home and like I was making the right decision."

Norgaard said that there wasn't one thing specifically that helped him choose Washington, but he did have a list of things that played into his decision.

"I mean, it really was just the perfect fit for me," Norgaard said. "My relationship with coach Petersen and coach Strausser is already really strong and I think it will only get stronger. 

"They are a great program and the school there is great too. It had everything I wanted and I'm really excited to make my decision and be done with the (recruiting) process."

Norgaard said that Petersen and Strausser will make the trip to Stockton on Tuesday for an in-home visit with him and his family. Top Stories